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Scam Alert! 19 Ways to Avoid and Sink Toner Pirates

Shiver me timbers, toner pirates are at it again. This sounds like a funny office joke or a Saturday Night Live skit with the “Makin' Copies” guy. It's not. A bunch of our customers are reporting that these scammers have been calling them. Here's how the scam works, how to spot a tone …

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3 Things to Know BEFORE You Lease a Copier - BEWARE!

A lot of my time is spent dealing with end-of-lease questions. Existing customers sometimes choose to go a different direction and need to terminate a lease with us. We also acquire new customers and help them end their current contract. Based on my experience, I have changed the end …

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How to Get the Best IT Help Desk Support

Do you know how to get the best help desk support in any situation?

There are few things worse than reaching out to your IT help desk and then not getting the help you need and want. Expectations are important though – you won't always get immediate action on low-priority IT issues. Here at Coordinated, we do everything we can to ensure that our IT he …

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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a . . . Copier Guy?!?!?


Superheros come in all shapes and sizes. The hero could be your copier service technician. No, really. When your copier or printer konks out and you've got invoices or church bulletins or an important contract that needs to be printed now, the arrival of the copier guy just might incl …

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Need Printer or Copier Service? How to Place a Service Call With Coordinated Business Systems

Do you need print, copier, or phone service? Here's how you can place a service call - don't worry, it's easy.

We pride ourselves on fast, accurate service. That starts with a little help from you. The most important part of the service request is to properly identify which copiers or printers having a service-related issue. We normally facilitate this by placing an “ID” sticker on the right s …

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I Want Fast Copier Service. Can You Deliver?

I work in the St. Cloud location for Coordinated. As I make calls on potential customers, I'm often asked some variation of this: “Our current service is fast, within just a few hours. We don’t want someone coming up from the cities because when we make a service call, we need it fixe …

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Use Your Copiers to Scan Documents – Baby Steps to Document Management

Has your business started taking baby steps toward document management yet?

Stop. Take a look around your desk. Is it cluttered with paper?Now look around your office. Is it lined with filing cabinets? When was the last time you actually opened one of them? If you answered “yes” to either of the first two questions, and those cabinets continue to steal prime …

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Managed Print Services – What Exactly Will It Do For You?

Despite the rapid growth of digital technologies in business, copying and printing business documents continues to be very important in the business world. In fact, managing the copying and printing within a business can be so complicated that it takes up significant amounts of your c …

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Partner Profile: Kyocera

Providing the best solutions means partnering with the best companies. Coordinated Business Systems provides top-notch total office services including document management and imaging technology. We'll guide you through implementation and maintenance to ensure your company is at its hi …

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