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The Right Cloud-Based Solutions

You’ve probably heard that everything is happening in the cloud, but if you’re like many other business owners or managers, you may not be entirely sure what this means or how it benefits your business.

The concept of cloud services is simple: you access a software service hosted by a third-party via the Internet. 

Think of Gmail: you don't download the software to your computer, you access your Gmail account (which "lives" on Google's servers) through any Internet-connected device.

What does this mean for your business?

Access to a huge range of software applications via monthly fees. 

On the service, this seems simple to implement and manage. However, like anything IT, there are complexities lurking under the surface of the simplicity.

The Cloud, Simplified

Just because you can use a cloud service with a few clicks and a credit card doesn't mean you should. Cloud services are like any technology - what do you need? How can it best support your business goals? Do you need to integrate with your in-house IT?

These are just a few of the questions Coordinated Business Systems helps you answer when you partner with us. We’ll make sure you’re using the RIGHT cloud-based IT services to improve efficiencies, lower costs, and maximize security. But we’ll start by making sure you understand what it has to do with the rest of your office technology environment.

Here's an overview of the cloud-based IT services we provide.


The Cloud & Network Monitoring

Cloud services can offer peace of mind that has never been possible before. By having a technology partner like Coordinated Business Systems monitoring your network remotely, you can rest assured you won’t lose productivity from network downtime.

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The Cloud & Managed Backup

Backing up your data to the cloud is the best way to ensure you’ll be able to restore your data after a major disaster like fire or flood, as well as minor mishaps like your Intern deleting an important document. Cloud backup is also an excellent final defense against ransomware attacks.

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The Cloud & Network Security

Security is a top concern when it comes to cloud hosting and computing. When you partner with Coordinated Business Systems, we ensure every client’s data is protected, but we can also evaluate any special security requirements for industry-specific regulations. We also perform a network and security audit to ensure your network and data are fully protected.

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The Cloud & Business Communication

With Internet phone options such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and video conferencing, remote business meetings and collaboration are now powered by the cloud. These critical business communication tools can also be monitored and serviced remotely via the cloud.

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The Cloud & Workflow Solutions

Workflow solutions are made possible by storing your documents digitally, on the cloud. By doing so, you can upload, search, retrieve, and distribute documents from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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The Cloud & Managed Print Services

By using the power of the cloud to monitor your printing hardware remotely, Coordinated Business Systems can detect service needs and supply levels and use this information to service your equipment and ship your supplies proactively. What's that mean for your office? Less downtime and more productivity!

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