Cost & Access Control

Simple, Powerful Print Management Software in the cloud or self hosted

  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce the burden on limited IT resources
  • Protect client and employee data

A 5% increase in operational efficiency can have the same impact on profit as a 10% - 15% increase in sales.

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The Benefits

Enhanced Print Security Icon

Enhanced Print Security

Security features to keep your documents private and on-site. Your data is protected before, during, after printing. 

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Users are required to log in using an ID-Card, PIN or a combination of to ensure maximum security.

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Enable Mobile & BYOD Printing

Printing is easy for your end users, whether they're printing from a BYOD or mobile device.

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Minimize Waste & Reduce Cost

Reduced paperwork, simplified operation, clear rules and accurate reports will save money, valuable time and help the environment, 

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Accounting & Reporting

Detailed reports provide key insights which help identify areas to boost profitability.

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Device Management

The ability to monitor devices provides greater control and security.

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