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5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Printing Habits That Will Save You Money

Ask yourself these 5 questions about your company's printing habits and learn how to save your SMB money.

The third largest expense for most offices is printing and copying documents (behind staffing and office space). Much like how a positive view of information technology can be an indication of a successful business (read more here); companies that understand their print processes and …

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The 5 Things Managed IT Supports That SMB Owners Care About

Managed IT Services supports the 5 big things you care about for your SMB.

Executives don't usually care about information technology. Smart company leaders understand, however, that IT can help them with the five things they DO care about: Growth Productivity Efficiency Security Downtime Whether you're a business owner, C-level executive, or someone who wan …

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Is Your Office Prepared? 16 Questions to Ask Yourself About Disaster Recovery

Can you answer 'yes' to these 16 questions about how your business will handle disaster recovery?

Before getting into this post, let's quickly talk about disaster recovery. Most people see the word “disaster” and think of hurricanes, fire, flood, tornadoes, volcanoes, or other natural disasters. Of course, those can and do cause business disruption. However, what disaster recovery …

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The High Cost of Copier and Printer Discounts

That great (cheap) deal you're getting on your copiers might be a far, far worse deal in the long run.

“Nothing is free”. Donna Oricchio, the CFO of Coordinated, has told me this more than once and believe me when I tell you she is wise. Consumers are driven to “get the best deal.” We look for discounts, coupons, sales – always looking to pay the least for products and services – but h …

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Why SMBs Should Focus on Keeping Anti-Virus Software Up-to-Date

Is your anti-virus software up to date? These 3 reasons will remind you why you need to take the 5 minutes to update whenever there's a security patch.

How many of us have ignored the alert on our computer to update software – especially anti-virus protection? If you're in the middle of something, you could have every intention of updating the software later. Every day you delay is another chance for a hacker to find the hole in your …

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To Open or Not to Open an Email – Avoid Letting a Virus Into Your Office With This Phishing Email Decision Tree

This handy infogrphic can help yu decide when you should (and shouldn't) open an email.

Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly targeted as cybercriminals learn to use marketing principles to personalize their emails. Unsuspecting people open these emails, click on links or open documents that seem legitimate, and open the door for a virus or ransomware to ransack the …

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Hackers are Lazy – Why Are You Making Life Easy for Them?

Like burglars, cybercriminals don't want to work all that hard to break into your network. By following network security best practices, you can make your company's data less appealing - and more work for - hackers.

It's a fact that most criminals just don't want to work all that hard. Burglars would rather enter through an unlocked door or window than attempt a break in. “The overwhelming number of burglars are unskilled people who go through open or unlocked windows and doors,” says Leonard Sip …

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