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Quick Tips to Calculate ROI From Document Management

Check out these quick ways to calculate ROI on Document Management for your SMB.

How will my business benefit? If that's the first question many companies ask themselves when considering an IT implementation, the second is almost always “what's the return on investment?” Sometimes, that's hard to answer as there might not be direct financial benefits – better coll …

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5 Ways Costs Shrink With Document Management

It's no secret that a good Document Management program can help you cut costs.

What is the cost of out-of-control information to your business? There are real costs to your manufacturing business when you don't manage your documents. There are also opportunity costs as well – an inability to react quickly because your business moves at the speed of paper. Let's …

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Why Document Management Is Better Than Paper: 6 Videos Explain

Reading got you down? Check out these Document Management videos instead.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video has to be worth 10,000 right? I've written about document management – frequently – in the past few months. The right DM software can save you time, help to automate business processes, and save on storage costs – to name a few of the benefit …

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How to Get the Best IT Help Desk Support

Do you know how to get the best help desk support in any situation?

There are few things worse than reaching out to your IT help desk and then not getting the help you need and want. Expectations are important though – you won't always get immediate action on low-priority IT issues. Here at Coordinated, we do everything we can to ensure that our IT he …

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A Simple Glossary to Help You Understand Document Management

This Document Management Term Glossary may be just what your SMB needs.

This layperson's guide to document management will help you understand the often unfamiliar words and concepts you'll discover when you begin to consider DM for your business. The IT world has its own vocabulary that is confusing to many – even IT pros! While this post won't help you …

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Manufacturing: Why an Audit Trail Is Important

Why an audit trail is important in manufacturing. how document management helps

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of controlling your documents. Under ISO 9001, every business-related document must be controlled, especially in the manufacturing world, where process revolves around a constant flow of documents, their approvals, and their ability to wit …

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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a . . . Copier Guy?!?!?


Superheros come in all shapes and sizes. The hero could be your copier service technician. No, really. When your copier or printer konks out and you've got invoices or church bulletins or an important contract that needs to be printed now, the arrival of the copier guy just might incl …

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