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Should My Employees Have Cell phones On Their Desks?

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It’s a pressing question for more and more employers as cell phones continue to dominate our society; ‘Should cell phones be a fixture in our workplace?’. So, is it time your office embraced a mobile solution or is it best to go down the path of a unified communication solution? We’ve …

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Take advantage of Section 179 and take a full deduction before 2020

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Do you have equipment at work that needs to be replaced? Although you may be trying to make it to the new year until replacing that out of date copier or printer, you may want to reconsider. Section 179 of the current tax law allows you to take a full deduction in the first year for q …

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When is it time to replace your copiers?


A good copier can be the centerpiece of any bustling office— It’s the backbone of meetings and workshops, providing all-important printed handouts for colleagues, or the presentation to be shared with a client. Being so vital to the everyday routine of the workplace, it’s important to …

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How to Plan For Your Managed IT Needs in 2020


It’s important to start thinking about your managed IT needs and plan for this upcoming year. The planning doesn’t stop when you obtain your managed IT provider, as you now have to start thinking about how to use them effectively.

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How to reduce your printing costs without forfeiting quality


Even in today’s increasingly paper-free world, printing is a necessity in nearly every office. Often an expense that most business owners and managers try to reduce and even eliminate, it’s key not to overlook the effects on print quality. Follow these tips and you’ll find it easy to …

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