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Remote Troubleshooting for Kyocera Copiers Is Here and Can Make Life Easier

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Service folks are fast (ours are really fast – and thorough). Even they don't operate at Internet speed though. What if your copier service partner (or your in-house IT) could troubleshoot copiers remotely? Better, depending on the issue – fix them without ever having to get up from t …

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Ever Wonder Why Your Copier Is Yelling at You? 3 Error Codes Explained

What copier error codes mean on your Kyocera copier

Is your copier beeping or flashing an attention light at you? These sights and sounds are never comforting, but our Service team at Coordinated Business Systems is here to help! An error code or attention light could mean a handful of possibilities depending on what code or message is …

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Give Up Control of Your Copiers – You'll Be Excited With the Results

Let go and let someone else take care of your copiers.

It has been said that the best leaders know how to surround themselves with the right team, and entrust them to do what they do best, with little or no micromanagement. This is not only a trait of a good leader, but something that workers seek in an employer. Having the autonomy to ma …

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Why We Are Laser-Focused on Copier Uptime

There's a big reason we are laser focused on keeping your copier up and running - and it's because it's better for your employees and your business when your office equipment just WORKS.

Everything we do in both our sales process and our service, repair, and maintenance service is designed to maximize the time your copiers and printers are working. This point is so elementary that it's often overlooked: when your office equipment doesn't work like it should, your offi …

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How to Fix the Paper Curl Problem

How do you stop paper from curling while printing?! Read on for answers.

I don't know if paper curl while printing is horrid, but it IS annoying. I know our customers ask us about this frequently – how do I stop my paper from curling?!?!?! If you're frustrated with paper curl and your prints look a little bit like the photo here, you've stopped by the righ …

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When You're Buying a Copier, Ignore the Copier

Focusing on the right Managed Services Partner can make a night and day difference in the copier you end up buying.

Here's a tip when buying a copier – ignore the equipment, focus on the partner. OK. That's slightly overstating the importance of the actual equipment you buy. Of course you need to buy or lease the right copier/printer for your office. That said, you're more likely to end up with the …

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Information Security Isn't Only About Your Network - 4 Common Physical Security Risks (and How to Prevent Them)

Viruses and cybercriminals are real security threats. Those threats are familiar and a focal point for many managed network providers. I'm here to tell you that securing your digital information doesn't end with software and your networks. They aren’t the only threats to your business …

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You're Wasting Time: 4 Business Functions to Stop Doing Yourself

Stop wasting your valuable time on these time consuming tasks - let us take care of them for you so you can focus on the things that really matter.

You don't have to do it all yourself. We live in a world with knowledge – and experts – about every topic under the sun literally at our fingertips. We also live in a world full of service businesses. Don't want to mow your lawn? Schedule lawn service. Don't want to fix that leaky fau …

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7 Questions You Need to Ask Your Next Managed Print Services Partner

Looking for a new MPS provider? Make sure to ask them these crucial questions.

Businesses continue to have the wrong idea about copier dealers. They think we just want to sell a “box” and move on to the next customer. (“Box” is insider jargon for whatever device we're focused on selling or leasing.) While I'm sure that continues to be the case for some dealers, …

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