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Company Culture

What sets Coordinated Business Systems apart from the average business equipment provider?

Coordinated is the single source for virtually every aspect of office technology and information management in Minneapolis, St. Paul and beyond. From business hardware such as multifunction printers and business phone systems to workflow software and solutions to managed services, Coordinated Business Systems is the only partner you need to keep your office technology environment running smoothly.

A Company Culture That Puts The Customer First, Always

When you call on Coordinated, your phone call is answered in one ring, and you speak directly to a live individual. Coordinated has one service employee for every 70 customers, one of the industry’s lowest ratios. In fact, our average service call is completed in less than 75 minutes. Plus, with network monitoring, service requests on your copiers, equipment, and IT network can be handled remotely, further improving the speed of resolution.

Every Coordinated office is staffed with vibrant, goal-oriented individuals that love coming to work each day. As a result, our customers experience quick, results-oriented and personalized attention.

Mission Statement

The Coordinated Business Systems team is committed to your growth and success. Minnesota owned and operated, we provide the capabilities to manage the flow of information with innovative document management technology and professional support.

We Commit To:


  • Practicing business ethics with professionalism and integrity
  • Listening to customers, understanding their needs, and providing solutions
  • Providing employees with personal development and opportunities for career growth in a positive, stable environment
  • Maintaining long-term partnerships with quality vendors
  • Exploring and embracing new technologies
  • Being an active community member, with a focus on youth development

Code of Ethics & Business Conduct

We believe in demonstrating transparency with our customers, and that is why we put our business code of ethics right here on the website. That way, you, the customer, can see the standard we hold our employees to and will know what you can expect when you interact with anyone from the Coordinated Business Systems team.


It is the policy of our company to provide you with clearly communicated expectations relating to Business Ethics and Professional Conduct. As an employee of Coordinated, we expect the highest degree of professionalism, as well as a focus on the needs and best interests of our customers. “Customers First. Always!”


We are proud to be a technology-focused service organization focused on solving complex business problems that enable our customers to improve their efficiency, productivity, and bottom line. We do not take this responsibility lightly. As an employee of Coordinated, you should always ask yourself if your conduct, decision making, and presence is in line with our governing principle: “Customers First. Always!”

Individual Respect

Coordinated is all about the people. As an employee of Coordinated, you are expected to treat your fellow employees, customers, prospects, and vendors with the utmost respect. We will not tolerate harassing behavior, and Coordinated will always be a place where people are free to be themselves. Part of that respect includes being on time, respecting people’s spaces and making sure that decisions and actions are in the best interest of all involved. “Customers First. Always!”

Free To Communicate

As an employee of Coordinated, we want to hear what you think. Communicate with your peers, managers and company executives. The best ideas haven’t been thought of yet; don’t hold yours back. “Customers First. Always!”

From The Top

From ownership, from our executives, and from our management team; Customers, Company, Self is the approach. Business ethics and integrity take precedence over profit. Our mission statement clearly communicates our commitment to “Practicing Business Ethics with Professionalism and Integrity.” “Customers First. Always!”

How We Compete

Coordinated takes great pride in being a fierce competitor; we do so without “slinging mud” or bad mouthing our competitors. We focus on the strength of our company, our people and our infrastructure. There is no need to stoop to a low level, ever. “Customers First. Always!”

Accountability And Responsibility

You represent Coordinated. Common courtesy, professional behavior and a commitment to our mission and vision are required. Ultimately we as individuals are accountable for our own actions. We take this code of conduct seriously and expect you to adhere to it. If you believe that our code of ethics has been broken, it is your responsibility to report it. We will always take pride in our honesty; so will you. “Customers First. Always!”

At Coordinated Business Systems, each team member is encouraged to share their insights and ideas. Everyone is provided the opportunity to make decisions and have a positive impact on customers and their peers.

Extensive training is provided, so employees have an in-depth understanding of the office technology industry, our company, our vendors and our branded managed services programs. This training provides the necessary skills to position each team member for success.

Plus, promotions and earning potential are based on performance, not tenure.

Coordinated is an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to sex, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color or any other protected class.

Employee Benefits

At Coordinated, our “Take Care and Be Fair” attitude extends to our valued employees. We provide a comprehensive benefits package designed to enhance our competitive compensation program. All employees who work at least 30 hours per week are eligible for the following:

  • Medical Insurance (PPO Plan & an HSA Option)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability Coverage
  • Life Insurance
  • 401(k) Plan with Match
  • Paid Vacation Time
  • Paid Personal Time
Bonuses & Incentives
  • Employee Recognition
  • Employee Referral Bonuses
  • Sports Tickets
Sales Consultant Benefits
  • Trip Incentives
  • Bonuses
  • Achievement Recognition
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