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End Broken Business Processes with these 9 Simple Steps and 1 Crucial Tip

9 tips to redesign a broken business process

Every business and office has processes for how they get work done. Many times, these processes are handed down from employee to employee over time, unquestioned. That often means they aren't the BEST way to get work done. Companies often look to software and automation to fix process …

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Do You Understand the Cost of Network Downtime?

Do you understand the cost of network downtime

When your network goes down, your business stops. You can't email your customers. Your customers can't email you. If you run your website on your own servers and sell online, you are no longer selling anything. Everyone in the office can't connect to the data and documents they need t …

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What Are You Waiting For? 10 Tips for More Effective Decision-Making

Do you have a hard time making decisions, no matter how important they are? Use these 10 tips to gain momentum and make those decisions today.

You have a business process that you know needs to be updated. The office copiers are aging and require more frequent repair and maintenance. There's an under-performing sales person who has angered a key account. Putting off decisions are weights in the back of your mind. The constan …

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How Much Will a Data Breach Cost You? It Depends

Can a single security breach bleed your SMB dry? It might.

We've written about security quite a bit – and our open house last month was focused on security topics. As we bring more managed network services to you, we'll continue to focus on security issues – risk, cost, tips, etc. Most business leaders we talk to understand, at least generall …

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Some Day Your Nigerian Prince Will Come – 9 Simple Tips to Dodge Phishing Emails

You built your security right so your SMB couldn't ever get hacked.....right?

Even companies that do everything right when they built their security infrastructure can still be hacked. The sad fact is, the weak point in every cybersecurity system is you and the people you work with. Hacks and data breaches do occur because of disgruntled employees. The majority …

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Do You Have the Time and Expertise to Manage Network Security Yourself?

Does you IT staff have time time and knowledge to handle your EVERY IT need?

What's the best use of your IT staff's time? Companies increasingly have the option to hire IT expertise to handle their IT infrastructure – from your website to your hardware to your servers to your network security, there is an service provider that can do it for you. Why would you …

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Fear, Information Security, and Chicken Little

The sky is falling thanks to hackers, cybercrime, and ransomware - but not on your SMB with the help of Managed Network Services.

When we started to include managed networks into our services for clients, we immediately realized how serious an issue cybersecurity is. The amount of malware in the world and the tenacity of cybercriminals is stunning. A research report written by CSIS and sponsored by McAfee puts t …

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Essential Knowledge to Understand Managed IT – Toolkit Shows You How to Stop Managing Networks In-House!

different plyers on a workshop wall.

Have you ever been worried about your IT infrastructure? Common doubts for many small and medium businesses is that they are paying too much, aren't secure, are falling behind competitors, and, in general, just aren't making the most of their use of information technology. As concerns …

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