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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a . . . Copier Guy?!?!?

Superheros come in all shapes and sizes.  

The hero could be your copier service technician.

No, really.

When your copier or printer konks out and you've got invoices or church bulletins or an important contract that needs to be printed now, the arrival of the copier guy just might include superhero music fanfare.

Great Copier Service Equals Productivity for You

It's a simple fact that copiers break down.

Sometimes, it's your fault (sorry, but it's true) because you over-use the machine, slam the drawers shut, use poor quality paper, or monkey around with the settings without knowing what you're doing. 

Other times, it's simply due to the complexity of copiers today. They combine hardware and software and that can be a mix too tempting for Murphy's Law to pass up. 

Regardless of the reason, they do break down. 

You need a copier tech superhero:

  • Able to remotely diagnose the issue and fix it then – or at least know the problem and how to fix it when walking in the door of your office
  • Able to drive quickly to your office – and solve the issue in a single visit!
  • Able to use their training and expertise to get you back in business fast
  • Able to unjam a copier in 90 seconds flat
  • Able to change the toner with his eyes closed
  • Able to jump large copiers in a single bound (OK, not that)

In all seriousness, our copier technicians are well-trained to service and maintain all of the manufacturers' products that we sell and service. And if you don't think that's important, go ahead and take your Ford in and let a Mazda specialists work on it.

If you wouldn't do that, why trust your copier repair (and they can cost as much as a Ford or a Mazda) to just anyone?

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