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If You're Happy and You Know It Your Office Will Get More Done

It's been scientifically proven - happier employees are more productive. Making sure your office technology is always working goes a long way to keep your SMB happy.

Why am I writing a short blog post about happiness? Simple: happy employees (or co-workers) get more done. This isn't just Pollyanna-ish wishful thinking, research backs this up. There are plenty of offices and companies around the country that work under the theory of “the floggings …

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Your View of Information Technology Could Be the Difference Between Business Success or Just Getting By

Your view of Managed IT could be holding your SMB back from great things.

If you don't mind, it don't matter. That's a saying I've heard in sports about how your mental attitude can help you work hard and through pain and/or discomfort. When it comes to your information technology – network to telephony to AI; I'll twist that to say that “if you don't care, …

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Why Mock Phishing Might Catch You More Grief Than Good With Your Employees

Your business security has evolved - but so have phishing scams. Is your SMB protected?

Technology has seeped into all areas of our lives — remote work environments, cell phones, appliances, doorbells, even some thermostats have wireless connectivity. This makes the sheer number of devices a single person manages on a daily basis a little overwhelming. And, with so many …

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7 Deadly Sins of SMB Cybersecurity [Free Infographic]

7 Deadly Sins of Cybersecurity

Information security pitfalls are everywhere. It's no fun to read blog posts all the time. So to take a break, we've put together an easy-to-read infographic to visually show you the seven most deadly sins of cybersecurity! We don't think that's hyperbole. Many small and medium busine …

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I Have an IT Staff – I Don't Need a Managed IT Partner to Help Secure and Manage My Network

You have an IT team but here's why you should consider managed IT anyway

Your business, our business, your competition's business, everyone's business today relies on a secure, scalable IT network and an IT infrastructure that supports business goals and allows a company to thrive. Offices that don't secure their networks and business information are putti …

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