In 1983 Jim Oricchio left a successful corporate career and along with his wife, Donna launched Coordinated Business Systems in Minneapolis, MN. Initially, operations were conducted out of the Oricchio's home garage.  Through hard work and sacrifice (including taking virtually no salary or vacations for more than two years), the company gained momentum and developed a track record of success.  In 1995 a much larger national company offered to purchase Coordinated Business Systems.  Instead of accepting this lucrative offer, Jim and Donna's entrepreneurial spirit led them buy out their partners and continue as an independent office technology company.


Jim Oricchio's business philosophy is based on a unique principle, "Take Care and Be Fair."  This belief leads Coordinated to always provide the best service possible, always do the right thing and always treat customers honorably. "Take Care and Be Fair" also extends to Coordinated's team. Consequently, Coordinated has built a motivating work environment that allows for the integration of career and personal goals.  Components of this environment include extensive, on-going training, a promote-from-within emphasis, employee recognition awards, health benefits and paid vacation and personal time.  The result is a vibrant, goal oriented team focused on "Customers First. Always."