Managed IT

Supporting daily business operations that depend on technology

Technology Alignment

At Coordinated Business Systems, we understand your daily business operations depend on technology, which is why we spend so much time aligning our technology to support businesses in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and multiple other locations across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Your managed IT services have to align with your objectives. We will work with you to create and provide a technology plan for your business needs, from discussing the "nuts and bolts" of your network infrastructure to the user support process to ensure a consistent and reliable technology experience.

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Cloud Hosting


When you partner with Coordinated Businesses Systems, we’ll make sure you’re using the cloud to improve efficiencies, lower costs, and maximize security.


We start by making sure you understand what it has to do with the rest of your office technology environment.


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Managed Backup


Backup is crucial to keep your vital data stored safely and as a final defense against ransomware. Yet 58% of businesses have no backup.

Don't find yourself without the data you need to run your business after a business disaster (60% of companies are out of business in 6 months after data loss). Coordinated ensures you data is always at your fingertips.

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Is your IT team falling behind on critical projects due to constant interruptions to fix basic issues? 


It's time to consider outsourcing lower-level support tickets to an IT helpdesk. We have no heroes on our helpdesk staff, only a team dedicated to solving your IT issues quickly and thoroughly. 

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Our Other IT Services


Network Monitoring & Support

Concentrate on running your business instead of spending your time putting out IT fires! Coordinated Business Systems offers comprehensive and reliable IT support to ensure your network stays up and running.

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IT Projects

Your IT staff can't always do it all. Sometimes, they need additional support.

We can support your next IT project with everything from planning and implementation to project management.

So if you need extra hands for a hardware/software deployment or a major network overhaul, the IT managed services experts at Coordinated Business Systems are ready to help. 

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Security Training

About half of all data breaches are caused by employees lack of knowledge or carelessness. Mitigate the damage your people can inflict on your business with security training.

A great security partner doesn't ignore this piece of a successful security strategy. Be proactive about your security with training.

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Network & Security Audit

You can't manage what you don't know about.

A network audit accounts for your network and everything connected to it. It's the first step to understanding your exposure to external and internal security threats as well as any speed bottlenecks.

Once we identify your network's strengths and weaknesses, we can help you plan for a stable and secure network. 

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Managed IT Toolkit - 5 Free eBooks

If you want to dive more deeply into the ins and outs of IT managed services, our free toolkit is for you.

In these short, easy-to-digest eBooks we explain everything you need to know about IT managed services – from basic concepts to network management to security to strategy.

All you need to know in a single package. Click below to get your toolkit now.


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“Since 2013, [Coordinated] has helped us with leasing of our Kyocera copiers. The expertise helped us in the transition from leasing copiers and buying printers, to using copiers ‘as’ printers. Now the maintenance and toners are through Coordinated and we haved saved money doing so. Coordinated also introduced us to scanning documents either to a directory or an email. All of these new features have helped us a lot.”

Kathleen Larson

Director of IT, Feltl and Company




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