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Calculating Your Cybersecurity Score


Calculating your cybersecurity score is an essential day-to-day task involved in running a successful business. If your cybersecurity score is high, it means attacks are less likely, your documents are safely stored, and your confidential data is better guarded against unauthorized ac …

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Benefits of streamlining document workflows and document management


Organization is critical to the smooth day-to-day operations of any business. Gone are the days of trying to track down a single sheet of paper or a key file. In order to be productive and efficient, files must be easy to store and to find at a later date.

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Common Misconceptions Around Managed IT


Managed IT systems are notorious for causing confusion among clients. From deciding whether to outsource their IT management to whether it is more economical and truly secure, clients have plenty of questions when considering managed IT systems.

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Eight Myths About Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity can seem like a mystery full of misconceptions and misinformation. It’s integral for businesses to have a cybersecurity strategy, but businesses still have issues with cybersecurity threats despite having action plans in place.

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