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Using Paper Documents to Run Your Business? You're Wasting Time and Money


If you're conducting your business entirely or mostly with paper documentation, you're slowing yourself down. In the coming months, we'll share ideas and thoughts about document management, improving business processes, and other ways you can use technology to boost productivity and c …

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Use Your Copiers to Scan Documents – Baby Steps to Document Management

Has your business started taking baby steps toward document management yet?

Stop. Take a look around your desk. Is it cluttered with paper?Now look around your office. Is it lined with filing cabinets? When was the last time you actually opened one of them? If you answered “yes” to either of the first two questions, and those cabinets continue to steal prime …

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IT Help Desks – You Don't Want a Hero

We love the idea of a hero (and the Tina Turner song from Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome). One person, against the odds, saving us all. That makes a great movie. In real life, it doesn't work nearly as well. Especially when it comes to getting help from your help desk. Help desks are gen …

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