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Do You Know the Rules to Save Money on Printing?

There are rules to help you save money on printing. Do you know what they are?.jpeg

We all have good intentions at the start of the new year, but our bad habits quickly take over as new exercise routines and fad diets quickly go out the window. Since we all know those things rarely stick, how about doing something good for your office productivity and your bottom lin …

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How to Leave Your IT Staff Alone When the Printer Breaks

It's no secret that troubleshooting copier issues is one of IT's most hated jobs. Outsourcing to a Managed Print Services company lets them focus on what matters - security and IT issues.

In many small businesses, departmental roles and responsibilities are blurry – human resources fades to marketing, marketing to sales, and IT to “anything remotely technical” that has any kind of connection to a computer or plugs into a wall. Pretty broad, right? If you have in-house …

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45+ Tips for Getting the Most From Business Documents: Our Best Blogs of 2017

Document Management, copiers, security, and more. These are the best blogs of 2017..jpeg

Another year has flown by. As we get ready for a great 2018, it’s a good time to look back at 2017. Here are the eight most-read blogs from 2017. Whether you missed them the first time around or want to reread them, I hope the 45 plus tips and ideas in the eight posts will give you id …

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Improved Info Security and 4 More Reasons to Use Pull Printing

Pull printing improves information security and more.jpg

Printing costs money. True, every wasted print or copy that isn’t used costs pennies. But Ben Franklin had it right, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Start earning pennies with pull printing.

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6 Overlooked Office Productivity Boosts From Your Copier

You are probably overlooking these 6 office productivity boosters.jpeg

Information technology changes rapidly. That includes copy machines. If you still only think of your copier as a “paper in, paper out” device, then you’re missing out on business improvements many of our customers enjoy. Thirty years ago, copiers essentially used heat to fuse toner to …

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Why Toner is Superior to Inkjet When You Want to Print in Color

Toner may cost more upfront, but it wil save your SMB more money in the long run - plus it's better than printer ink.

If you’re like most offices, you and your coworkers use black and white printing most of the time, and the option to print in color is a perk that you rarely use. When you do print in color, though, what’s not so nice is that annoying error code taunting you that your ink is low or to …

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10 Tips to Choose the Right Office Copier + Printer

If you're in the market for a new office printer, you have a lot of choices from multiple different vendors. A multifunction printer, or MFP, combines the functions of a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine into one. An MFP can significantly improve workflow and reduce costs when …

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4 Ways Copier Hard Drives Are a Security Risk

Check out these 4 ways your copier creates security risks for your SMB

Data security is critical for any business that handles confidential information – customer credit card, private medical files, sensitive demographic information, or banking account numbers, are just a few examples. You've probably taken measures to protect your networks, servers, and …

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Scam Alert! 19 Ways to Avoid and Sink Toner Pirates

Shiver me timbers, toner pirates are at it again. This sounds like a funny office joke or a Saturday Night Live skit with the “Makin' Copies” guy. It's not. A bunch of our customers are reporting that these scammers have been calling them. Here's how the scam works, how to spot a tone …

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