You don't need to outsource your large-format printing needs. Coordinated Business Systems offers KIP and Kyocera wide format printers that make it economical to print oversized documents in-house.

Industries that Should Consider a Wide Format Printer

Print, copy, and scan blueprints, banners, maps, and other large documents often needed in these industries:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Advertising

Most companies assume the cost of a wide format printer is out of reach, but when you evaluate your spending with printing companies, you may find a wide format printer will pay for itself. And if it won’t, your partner at Coordinated Business Systems will tell you that. We want to be a resource, not sell you equipment you don’t need.

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Benefits of Wide Format Printers

The possibilities of wide format printers are numerous when you get into the many available features from model to model, but the no matter which you choose, there are three significant benefits of bringing your wide format printing needs in-house.


Wide format devices are easy to use. Print oversized documents whenever you need to.


Save time by not being at the mercy of a printing company’s schedule.

Save on Marketing and Advertising Costs

Instead of outsourcing poster and banner printing, do it yourself!

Getting Started

Need help evaluating whether your office could benefit from bringing your wide format print needs in-house? Want to explore the business opportunities of owning a wide format printer? It all starts with a conversation. The experts at Coordinated Business Systems are here to be the resource you need when evaluating your printing needs.

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