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Steve Ferrera, Service Technician Leader // Copier and Print Services

I have been servicing copiers and printers for 20 years working on machines from many different vendors and formats. Always interested in providing knowledge and know-how to make sure our customers experience minimal downtime and remain as productive as possible. I have worked as a support specialist for 30 years in various forms developing a knack for troubleshooting and providing a rich and rewarding customer experience.

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Lines on your documents or scans? 4 things to try before you call your service tech

If you have spent any time in your life sending print jobs to the copier, scanning documents, or receiving faxes, then at some point you have definitely noticed lines on your documents, scans, or faxes. Sometimes this issue can be resolved in less than a minute and other times it requires a copier technician.
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5 things to do when your copier jams

When a copier paper jam happens, don’t panic. Fortunately, a copier paper jam is a lot easier to remedy with today’s smart copy machines. A little patience goes a long way to prevent a copier paper jam and to fix paper-clogged equipment.
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Need Printer or Copier Service? How to Place a Service Call With Coordinated Business Systems

  We pride ourselves on fast, accurate service.  That starts with a little help from you. The most important part of the service request is to properly identify which copiers or printers having a service-related issue. We normally facilitate this by placing an “ID” sticker on the right side of your machine that looks like this: 
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