With nearly every aspect of business connected by technology tools, companies are more susceptible than ever to security threats.

Don’t let all the “what-ifs” distract you from your daily business responsibilities; rely on the IT resources at Coordinated Business Systems.

What is Included in a Network & Security Audit?

Your Coordinated Business Systems partner will conduct a thorough review of your network for both security and optimal efficiency. We look at all aspects of your network architecture including:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Connection to External Networks
  • User Access
  • Firewalls
  • Password Management

Prevent Issues Before They Arise

A network and security audit is the first step to understanding your network’s exposure to internal or external security threats. But it’s not a one-time event. As your technology partners, Coordinated Business Systems will help you manage this schedule.

The potential cost of not knowing about these threats is tremendous. It costs much less to let us help you get in front of these risks.

To learn more and start a conversation about a network and security audit, contact Coordinated.

Additional IT Services

Coordinated has other IT Managed Services to help optimize your network. Explore the entire suite of IT Services:

Network Monitoring & Support


Managed Backup

Cloud Hosting

IT Projects

Security Training

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