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Need Printer or Copier Service? How to Place a Service Call With Coordinated Business Systems

Do you need print, copier, or phone service? Here's how you can place a service call - don't worry, it's easy.

We pride ourselves on fast, accurate service. That starts with a little help from you. The most important part of the service request is to properly identify which copiers or printers having a service-related issue. We normally facilitate this by placing an “ID” sticker on the right s …

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SMBs Must Understand These 9 Notorious Cybersecurity Risks

SMBs need to understand cybersecurity risks -- there are 9 notorious security factors to know

Information security breaches and hacks aren't only problems for large, well-known businesses. Cybercriminals are targeting businesses of all sizes – especially SMBs. Why SMBs? Most SMBs have poor security strategies and are vulnerable to phishing and other attacks that expose them to …

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Want to Attract Great Employees? IT That Works Helps

How hard can it be to find someone with skills, or at least the willingness to learn? If you're a manufacturing company, you know that finding qualified employees isn't easy. In the past, someone looking for a job was grateful to get an interview. Now, the tables have turned. Job seek …

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Do Uncontrolled Documents Hurt Your Manufacturing Business?

Does your SMB have control over your manufacturing documents, or do they seem to have a life of their own?

Control. “To have power over,” according to When it comes to your documents – work and change orders, financial documents, standard operating procedures, material safety data sheets, etc. – do you control them? Do you know where the latest versions are? Are they secure? D …

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5 Reasons to Keep Your Office Space Clean and Organized


Clutter makes many people want to scream. Piles here, piles there. And I’m not just talking about your home sweet home. Think about your work space (and office in general) – is it…a mess? If you just can’t keep it clean, here’s a quick look at the reasons why a clean desk can result i …

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The Value of Document Management – Shelves Don't Collapse on Employees

We sell and implement document management (based on Square9's software). What we DO, though, is solve business problems for customers. Saving time from matching financial documents, making sure everyone has access to the current SOPs, and quickly responding to discovery requests durin …

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Want to Be Successful? Take a Nap, Plus Cloud, AP Automation, and Other Tips

I like to think we write and share valuable information and tips in our blog. But we don't know it all and all of us here at Coordinated read a variety of blogs and publications that we follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, email newsletters, Pinterest, and, sometimes, even printed magazines. …

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