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Need Printer or Copier Service? How to Place a Service Call With Coordinated Business Systems

We pride ourselves on fast, accurate service. 

That starts with a little help from you.

The most important part of the service request is to properly identify which copiers or printers having a service-related issue.

We normally facilitate this by placing an “ID” sticker on the right side of your machine that looks like this: 

A Coordinated Business Systems Machine ID Sticker - you need this for your service callThis is the first piece of information our dispatchers will ask for, it includes the serial number, model number, and location of the machine inside your facility.

For us to be able to respond as quickly as possible, have that information ready when you contact us (either by phone or via our customer portal). Write it down, take a photo, or call from your phone while standing in front of the

device so you can read the sticker – however you do it, we need that info!

Phone Service Request

To place your service request over the phone simply call 952-894-9460 and ask for service or otherwise indicate that you would like to place a service call.

Please remain patient – the person who answers your initial call will not be able to open that service request. They will quickly transfer you to someone who can. 

Our dispatchers will then ask you for your machine “ID”, the issue that you are having with the machine, your contact information, and let you know when a tech will be calling you to discuss the machine's issue and estimated time of arrival. 

Depending on the issue, there's even the possibility of fixing it remotely or walking you through a quick trouble-shooting exercise for anything that sounds like a simple fix that you are willing to try.

Online Service Request

To place a service request online simply go to and click on the “Menu” tab, from there click on the “Customer Portal” tab, then click “service request” tab and fill out the necessary fields and click on the “submit” tab. 

You can also bookmark this link that will bring you directly to the service request form: 

And that's it. 

We'll be there in less than 4 hours – often much sooner.

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