Copier & Printer Apps

Your copier can be more than just a copying machine

Software and applications for imaging devices have turned the office copier into a productivity workhorse.

Smart use of software along with your copiers and printers will save you time, improve security, and even decrease the amount of paper in your office. You can:

  • Scan to email, SharePoint, Google, and other cloud-based or in-house document storage
  • Customize and program the touchscreen interfaces so users can perform common tasks and print jobs with one touch
  • Launch automated workflows
  • Eliminate manual faxing

...and so much more.

Improve Network & Document Security

 The office copier is a critical part of your security infrastructure and plan.

Printers and copiers connect to the office network. Anything that connects to a network can be hacked. Be sure to include you copier in your security plan. For industries with strict privacy compliance regulations, look for copiers with hard drive encryption and HDD wipe kits.

To prevent confidential printed documents from prying eyes, print release software allows you to print from your computer and then release the document at the copier or printer after authentication.

Access to devices can also be restricted with passwords, PINs, and card readers.

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Coordinated Business Systems Save IT Staff Time

Save IT Staff Time

Remote diagnostics mean that with the right copier partner, your IT team will never have to troubleshoot copiers again. Your managed print services partner can quickly troubleshoot, and often fix, copier issues without having to dispatch a service technician.

As a result, your copier is down for only minutes or hours instead of an entire day. Better yet, your IT department didn't have to spend time attempting to fix an issue they aren't trained for.

If your IT department does run your printers and copiers, administration is easier than ever before with remote device management and even automated email alerts about device status to designated staff.

Get Rid of Paper Files

Paper files can slow business down in a number of ways:

...and that’s just for starters.

The scanning capabilities of your copy machine can help remove paper from your business processes. Even taking baby steps to removing paper can have a positive impact on your office.

Get Rid of Paper Files with Coordinated Business Systems

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