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How 3 Tier Color Billing Works

ink in wather using primary colours

When's the last time you ate in a restaurant with a blue color scheme? Maybe a seaside restaurant on vacation or appetizers in a bar, but I bet you can't think of one. Why not? Other than blueberries, there aren't any natural foods that are blue. Blue makes food look unappetizing and …

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6 I.T. Elements Essential to the Success and Security of Every Business

Is your SMB using these 6 essential IT elements to create success in its security arena?

When's the last time you got through a day of work without using your network? You rely on information technology to get your work done. When the various systems in your office aren't working effectively – your servers, networks, copiers, computers, firewall, etc. – productivity dips. …

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Under the Water: 7 Hidden Impacts of a Data Breach and How They Can Hurt Your Business

There are some obvious costs that go along with a data breach...but have you ever thought about these 7 hidden impacts that could hurt your SMB?

When you think of business downtime or a data breach, I'm sure you've thought of the direct financial costs. If you've been successfully cyberattacked, you have to notify customers, figure out what went wrong, pay for any broken regulations, attorney fees (in the case of litigation), …

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Managing Your Business' Reputation Has Serious Benefits: A Chat With Aaron Weiche, Digital Marketing Expert


I think everyone knows that customer word-of-mouth is the best possible marketing (or the worst possible marketing if you deliver less-than-excellent service). All of us are in business and all of our businesses have (great, of course!) reputations. How can we use that to generate mor …

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Who Wants to Be Dull? 3 Ways the Predictability of Managed Network Services Makes Boring a Good Thing!

Managed Network Services takes care of the humdrum and boredom of managing your networks yourself.

Variety might be the spice of life, but predictability – when it comes to running a business or office – prevents you from reaching for the TUMS. There are few things that can be as stomach churning unpredictable as information technology. While technology today is absolutely amazing; …

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Is Your IT Team Sick and Tired of Patching and Updating Software?

Outdated software is an open door for hackers.

Outdated software is an open door for hackers. That's why, as annoying as it can be, it's a good idea to push that upgrade button for your phone's apps. It's even MORE important to patch and update the software and hardware you use to run your office. I don't know of many IT professio …

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Getting the Most From Business Documents: Our Best Tips for Document Management shrinks costs pig

Over the last year, we've written quite a few blog posts about how paper slows down your organization and how document management can help your business move faster. I've compiled some of the best advice and tips here – with link to the full post.

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Security Isn't Only an IT Problem – Leadership Is a Crucial Piece of an Effective Information Security Strategy

leadership is critical for successful cybersecurity

“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don’t do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.” – Vince Lombardi As you think about information security for your business, the quote by Lombardi has particular relevance (sorry Vikings fans, but …

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Why Hackers and Cybercriminals Love Small Businesses Like You


Being a small business has a lot of benefits, you might: Differentiate yourself from the corporate competition by offering a more personal feel. Make decisions about the direction of your company without having to get approval from a board. Have a high employee retention rate because …

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Your Business Information IS Your Most Important Corporate Asset – Keep It Safe!


Buying something intangible is a tricky thing to grasp, but in some cases, completely necessary without even a second thought. Take insurance for example. We insure our cars, our homes – even ourselves – without even thinking. It’s just what you are supposed to do. Even behaviors - we …

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