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I Want Fast Copier Service. Can You Deliver?

I work in the St. Cloud location for Coordinated. As I make calls on potential customers, I'm often asked some variation of this: 

“Our current service is fast, within just a few hours. We don’t want someone coming up from the cities because when we make a service call, we need it fixed ASAP because we can’t be down. So, we want to have a local provider rather than one in the cities. How does your service compare to our current vendor?”

Here's how I answer that question.

Great question and we hear it a lot. The first thing I’ll say is that we have over a 98% retention rate for our customers, and that is mostly due to our techs. 

My ability to sell a machine is only part of how we see success. If we don’t keep it running, we wouldn’t be in business long. We’ve been in business for the last 35 years, which I think is a testament to our service team and how good they are. 

Our techs are based out of our Waite Park office (this goes for all of our locations – all techs are local at each of our 6 locations). Really, though, they work from their cars. More importantly to your question: they are local. They don't “drive up from the city.”

Each morning, they open their computers and have their schedule ready so they know where to go. We’re guaranteed onsite within 4 hours. Our average time is less than 3 hours. Many issues can be resolved remotely within an hour or two. 

However, we say 4 hours because we’d rather have you be impressed than disappointed (and traffic or more difficult-than-anticipated fixes happen).

Now, there’s a little bit of triage to that. If you call and say: “Our copier is a little dirty, can someone come out and clean it?” and someone else calls in at the exact same time saying “Oh, my god. My copier is on fire!”, they’re going to get taken care of first. We will still be to you within the guaranteed window.

We try to have the same technician each time so there’s familiarity with your staff, as well as the tech with the machine. Just like each car has its own personality, each copier is a little different. Being familiar with the equipment helps reduce the time it takes to complete a call.

Coordinated has been in St. Cloud since 2005, In those 12 years, we've never had to send techs “up from the city” to cover our 4-hour response. If we ever really needed to, we could – and would – so you would receive the service response speed you're accustomed to.

Our Service Techs Are Fantastic

We’ve got the lowest machine to technician ratio in the market. Each Marco tech is responsible for 150 machines. Metro techs take care of 110. Our ration is 75-ish per tech. This allows us to keep that familiarity fresher and keep things within that 4-hour window. 

We also have another edge when it comes to service. Most copier dealers at least partially compensate techs based on how many service calls they go on. This can affect your service. 

For instance, if a tech visits for a routine call and they see a part they know will go bad soon, they’ll order that part and keep it in their car for a quick service call in a few weeks.

Our techs are compensated on how long they can go without having to repeat a call. So if they see that part going bad, rather than ordering it and waiting for it to go out, they’ll proactively get it installed ASAP. Each customer is also sent a review after each service call, which also reflects on the technician. 

Our executive team also has a weekly meeting to discuss our “3 in 30 Report.” They review accounts that have placed more than 3 service calls in the past 30 days. That usually indicates a problem at the account and we want to be proactive in fixing issues.

We also can monitor your copier remotely and even identify and repair some issues before they occur. We can also monitor your supplies and contact you before you run out of toner to make sure you experience less downtime.

All of this, I hope, paints a good picture of our technicians and how we as a company are dedicated to keeping you up and running.

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