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5 Ways to Leave Your Sensitive Documents Open to a Data Breach

Is your copier security up to snuff? Make sure you've got these 5 things covered to ensure the best document security for you SMB.

You’ve all heard the song, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, right? Slip out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan. Hop on the bus, Gus. Just drop off the key, Lee. Now that I’ve planted that ear-worm inside your head, what’s a Paul Simon song have to do with document security?

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Printing Habits That Will Save You Money

Ask yourself these 5 questions about your company's printing habits and learn how to save your SMB money.

The third largest expense for most offices is printing and copying documents (behind staffing and office space). Much like how a positive view of information technology can be an indication of a successful business (read more here); companies that understand their print processes and …

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The High Cost of Copier and Printer Discounts

That great (cheap) deal you're getting on your copiers might be a far, far worse deal in the long run.

“Nothing is free”. Donna Oricchio, the CFO of Coordinated, has told me this more than once and believe me when I tell you she is wise. Consumers are driven to “get the best deal.” We look for discounts, coupons, sales – always looking to pay the least for products and services – but h …

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How 3 Tier Color Billing Works

ink in wather using primary colours

When's the last time you ate in a restaurant with a blue color scheme? Maybe a seaside restaurant on vacation or appetizers in a bar, but I bet you can't think of one. Why not? Other than blueberries, there aren't any natural foods that are blue. Blue makes food look unappetizing and …

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Lines on Copies and Scanned Documents? It's Time to Clean the Slit Glass, Here's How

Are you having problems with black lines all over your copies? It's ok! You just need to clean the slit glass!

Alright, let's cut to the chase. A very common, extremely frustrating issue when it comes to copiers is the ongoing occurrence of getting lines on your copies or scans! If you are experiencing black lines on your copies when using the automatic feeder on your copy machine chances are …

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Remote Troubleshooting for Kyocera Copiers Is Here and Can Make Life Easier

March.Blog8.image 2

Service folks are fast (ours are really fast – and thorough). Even they don't operate at Internet speed though. What if your copier service partner (or your in-house IT) could troubleshoot copiers remotely? Better, depending on the issue – fix them without ever having to get up from t …

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Ever Wonder Why Your Copier Is Yelling at You? 3 Error Codes Explained

What copier error codes mean on your Kyocera copier

Is your copier beeping or flashing an attention light at you? These sights and sounds are never comforting, but our Service team at Coordinated Business Systems is here to help! An error code or attention light could mean a handful of possibilities depending on what code or message is …

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Give Up Control of Your Copiers – You'll Be Excited With the Results

Let go and let someone else take care of your copiers.

It has been said that the best leaders know how to surround themselves with the right team, and entrust them to do what they do best, with little or no micromanagement. This is not only a trait of a good leader, but something that workers seek in an employer. Having the autonomy to ma …

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Why We Are Laser-Focused on Copier Uptime

There's a big reason we are laser focused on keeping your copier up and running - and it's because it's better for your employees and your business when your office equipment just WORKS.

Everything we do in both our sales process and our service, repair, and maintenance service is designed to maximize the time your copiers and printers are working. This point is so elementary that it's often overlooked: when your office equipment doesn't work like it should, your offi …

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