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When You're Buying a Copier, Ignore the Copier

Here's a tip when buying a copier – ignore the equipment, focus on the partner. 

OK. That's slightly overstating the importance of the actual equipment you buy. Of course you need to buy or lease the right copier/printer for your office. 

That said, you're more likely to end up with the right equipment when you focus on the right partner first.

We primarily focus on Kyocera copiers. Other copier dealers will focus on other manufacturers – Xerox, Canon, etc.

Every manufacturer produces products that meet copy, print, scan, and fax needs from the individual to production print and replication equipment. We focus on Kyocera because we think they bring a great mix of functionality, dependability, and price for our customers.

However, the equipment is the least important part of what we provide.

We provide knowledge and experience that helps to translate your questions and business goals into the solution (software and hardware) that will help you meet those goals.

Non-sales-speak translation Reps are at times so confident that they know what you need that they forget to ask you.

Here are two critical ways the right partner makes all the difference.

Service – Speed and Capability

Copiers are complicated pieces of machinery. They jam and break down – especially without regular maintenance. If you have a copier, you WILL need to have it serviced.

Remember 30 years ago when your car was almost entirely mechanical? Maybe there was an element of software, but mostly it was gears, wires, plugs, bolts, and belts. Now, you take your car to the mechanic and they plug it into a computer to run diagnostics.

Similarly, copiers have also grown more complex over the years. They've always been difficult for the non-specialist to repair, but now that they are a combination of hardware and software, that's become nearly impossible.

You want a partner that is close enough to provide in-person service, but also has the ability to remotely troubleshoot your devices.

Look for a copier partner with:

  1. Well-trained service technicians
  2. A large supply of parts and supplies in inventory (this leads to faster repair times since you're not waiting for the part to repair your device to be delivered)
  3. A fast response time
  4. A high first-call resolution percentage – this means they fix your issue in a single visit


Is your copier dealer a partner or an order taker? Do they listen to you and provide suggestions to improve your processes using technology that you've never thought of? 

Or do they take your order, then deliver the equipment?

The difference to office productivity and cost could be huge.

You Need the Right Fit

Depending on your industry, you know that one size doesn't fit all – insurance and financial needs differ on the person or business, manufacturing customers require different specs for the products you make for them, and in education, each student learns differently. 

Don't make the mistake of assuming that any copier or any copier dealer will do. 

Take the time to discover a true service partner who will help you identify and meet your office needs (here are seven questions that will help).

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