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Why We Are Laser-Focused on Copier Uptime

Everything we do in both our sales process and our service, repair, and maintenance service is designed to maximize the time your copiers and printers are working. 

This point is so elementary that it's often overlooked: when your office equipment doesn't work like it should, your office immediately becomes less productive.

Users have to wait to use the printer or copier or use a device that's out of their way.

The office manager has to take time out of their day to place a service call (if the office has a service or MPS contract). Or take the time to find a company to come service the equipment – and hope that company is experienced with the brand and model of the equipment to be repaired. 

IT staff is usually asked (something like 50% of IT help requests are some variation of “the printer isn't working”) to see if they can fix the problem, which takes them away from their actual job of managing your information technology.

And it's annoying. No one likes it when the tools they need to get their jobs done don't work. Anything that hurts morale can hurt productivity.

When you equipment stops and starts, so do your employees.

Printers and copiers will need maintenance. If they aren't properly maintained, they WILL break down and need to be repaired. Minimizing the need for repairs and downtime is our goal.

The Right Copier = Uptime = Getting Stuff Done

If you've spent any time on our website, you know we take pride in ensuring we deliver the right equipment to companies. Here's how that, and a few other things we do, improves uptime:

The Right Equipment

The perfect mix of equipment prevents over or under use of copiers and printers. Overuse is obvious – if you use anything more than it's designed for it will wear out faster. With copiers, under use is also an issue – like a thoroughbred horse, high-speed devices need to run to stay in great shape. Use them too little and they can break down.

The right mix of copiers and printers also means focusing on security, accessibility, controlling print output, and business productivity apps included with different copiers that boost productivity.

Local Service and Trained Service Technicians

While our headquarters are outside of Minneapolis, we have offices throughout Minnesota and in Wisconsin. That means you won't wait longer than 4 hours for a service technician to show up at your office – and we're often much faster. Our service techs are continually trained and experienced, which means they fix most issues on a single visit.

Parts and Supplies

We keep an inventory of common parts and supplies available. This allows us to get your equipment fixed in one visit. Only the most difficult repairs require multiple visits. 

If you find that your copier(s) or printers are in constant need of repair or maintenance, your equipment could be old, not up to the task of meeting your needs, or just the wrong device. 

Are you tired of spending a part of your week:

calling the technician,

  • showing the technician the problem, and
  • double-checking that the fix is working? 

That's time that could be spent much more productively.

Contact the experts at Coordinated, we can help make sure your copiers keep running.

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