Dan Stoy, Solutions Specialist // Managed Network Services

Dan Stoy, Solutions Specialist // Managed Network Services

I have a proven track record of helping customers, whether it’s been on a one on one basis or delivering support for large enterprise organizations. My desire to make things better coupled with my passion for IT and helping others is what makes me a perfect fit to figure out your IT needs.

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Cyber Extortion: 4 New Ways Cybercriminals Are Ripping Off SMBs

Cybercriminals are still coming up with new ways to steal your SMB's data. Learn about these 4 new scams and avoid being ripped off today.

Cybercriminals are still coming for your customer and business data. They are continuing to attack with ransomware delivered via email and other phishing scams. Overall ransomware numbers are dropping, though that indicates a shift in criminal strategy from focusing on consumers to fo …

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Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin A Managed IT Agreement

You can avoid two of the most common reasons IT plans fail by asking yourself these 4 questions.

When you are down in the trenches in the day-to-day of your everyday business operations, it’s so easy to miss the big picture. That’s why so many leaders fall into the trap of setting IT goals that they can never actually achieve, especially when it comes to managed agreements. Pair …

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The Biggest Threats to Small Business IT in 2019

A new year means new possible threats to your business. Read on to discover the biggest small business IT threats of 2019.

A new year means new threats. Small businesses across the country are scrambling to keep up with the new normal that is the Internet of Things (IoT) - the billion or so devices sharing data and information around the globe. As brilliant as it may be to be so connected, security breach …

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Presidential Wisdom That Rings True for IT Leaders

Be proactive, know when to ask for help, keep your employees' training up to date and more IT advice from past presidents.

They say history repeats itself, so in honor of President’s Day this month, we’ve collected a few tidbits of wit and wisdom from our founding fathers and applied it to navigating the challenging world of small business IT. "It is by a thorough knowledge of the whole subject that [peop …

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Who Are the Best Managed IT and Managed Network Services Companies in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

What are the best Managed IT companies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area? Use this list when looking for a partner that meets your IT needs.

Every business -- including us -- relies on a reliable, stable network to work internally and to communicate with customers (email, online chat, voice over IP, etc.). When your network and IT infrastructure isn’t working at peak efficiency, neither is your office or business. Keeping …

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4 Things About Ransomware Every Small Business Should Know

Every SMB should know these 4 things about ransomware and your network security.

The most important thing to know about ransomware is that it’s not going away. Criminals will continue to use ransomware to extort money from anyone they can -- business or individual. Every article or piece of research about cybersecurity issues in 2019 named ransomware as one of the …

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The 6 Extraordinary Benefits Managed Network Services Provides Your Business

Why IT Managed Services matters - 6 benefits of outsourcing your IT needs.

The benefits of ANY type of outsourcing remains simple -- someone else can perform a task better than you can do it yourself (and usually for less money). This is especially true of managed network services. As office networks have become a commodity, they still require time-consuming …

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Are You Refusing to Consider Managed IT Services Because They're "Too Expensive"? Think Again

If you've stopped considering IT Managed Services because they are too expensive for your SMB, think again.

The reason to outsource any service rather than DIY is simple -- will it cost you more in time/expense to DIY or to find an expert to accomplish the task for you? For tasks that require deep knowledge and expertise, this can be an easy question to answer. I have no idea, nor the time …

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Do You Know About Managed Network Services? You Should

What is MNS (Managed Network Services) - and what can it do for your company? Read on to learn more.

Managed services. IT managed services. Managed IT services. The cloud. Cloud services. Managed network services. As usual, the IT industry is awash in TLAs (three letter acronyms) to describe outsourcing various IT functions to a third party to supplement (or even replace -- though th …

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