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Never Waste Hours Looking for a Paper Document Again – And 6 Other Ways Document Management Saves Time

Document Management saves you time in more than one way...this article discusses seven ways, actually..jpeg

“I love it when I can’t find a document I am looking for,” said NO ONE ever! That’s because searching for paper files is time consuming. And sometimes, after countless hours of searching, you don't even find what you’re looking for. Despite the hassles that come hand in hand with a tr …

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Ready to Pass Your Next Compliance Audit Faster Than Ever? Use Document Management

Document management will help you pass your next compliance audit faster than you can say 'document management is the best'.

If you're in a regulated industry, complying with regulations isn't optional. If you're still managing your compliance documents by shuffling paper, you're doing it wrong. You can digitize your documents and then manage them electronically with document management. There are additiona …

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45+ Tips for Getting the Most From Business Documents: Our Best Blogs of 2017

Document Management, copiers, security, and more. These are the best blogs of 2017..jpeg

Another year has flown by. As we get ready for a great 2018, it’s a good time to look back at 2017. Here are the eight most-read blogs from 2017. Whether you missed them the first time around or want to reread them, I hope the 45 plus tips and ideas in the eight posts will give you id …

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6 Overlooked Office Productivity Boosts From Your Copier

You are probably overlooking these 6 office productivity boosters.jpeg

Information technology changes rapidly. That includes copy machines. If you still only think of your copier as a “paper in, paper out” device, then you’re missing out on business improvements many of our customers enjoy. Thirty years ago, copiers essentially used heat to fuse toner to …

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Fighting a Losing Battle With Paper -- Is This You?

Is your office drowning in paperwork? Document Management may be the light at the end of the tunnel..jpg

Have you ever heard of document management or the “paperless” office? As we talk to our existing customers – as well as potential new ones – we are often surprised at how often smaller offices have given up on the struggle with using paper. The world is increasingly digital and online …

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Document Management: 27 Essential Facts to Know

27 facts about Document Management.jpeg

Document management can be a great solution for organizations looking to ease the physical burden of a paper-ridden office. Solutions come in all flavors too; from a basic vanilla archival and retrieval system, to a full-blown, salted caramel coconut mocha chocolate chip enterprise co …

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Boost Employee Collaboration With Document Management

Document Management boots employee collaboration .jpeg

Communication and collaboration go hand-in-hand, document management makes it easier. defines collaborate “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.” Let's explore the third of the 4 Cs of document management benefits – collaboration ( …

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5 Useless Excuses to Avoid Implementing Document Management

Trust me, I've heard them all - any excuse is a poor reason not to impliment Document Management for your SMB

Everyone has excuses for not doing something they know they should do better. An excuse is “a reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.” I'm too tired to go to the gym today. If I don't eat this bag of chips, it's going to go bad and I don't want to wa …

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Quick Tips to Calculate ROI From Document Management

Check out these quick ways to calculate ROI on Document Management for your SMB.

How will my business benefit? If that's the first question many companies ask themselves when considering an IT implementation, the second is almost always “what's the return on investment?” Sometimes, that's hard to answer as there might not be direct financial benefits – better coll …

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