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45+ Tips for Getting the Most From Business Documents: Our Best Blogs of 2017

Another year has flown by. As we get ready for a great 2018, it’s a good time to look back at 2017.

Here are the eight most-read blogs from 2017. Whether you missed them the first time around or want to reread them, I hope the 45 plus tips and ideas in the eight posts will give you ideas for more effectively using and managing documents in 2018. 


The 5 Most Common IT Problems Your Company Faces

Technology changes rapidly year-to-year. Here are 5 challenges nearly every business faces: network security, data backup issues, too much paper, not having an IT plan (winging it isn’t  a plan), and cloud confusion. Read more.

Document Management: 27 Essential Facts to Know

Document management can be a great solution for organizations looking to ease the physical burden of a paper-ridden office. Solutions come in all flavors too; from a basic vanilla archival and retrieval system, to a full-blown, salted caramel coconut mocha chocolate chip enterprise content management system (ECM)!

As you consider DM for your office, here are 27 facts that can help nudge you towards deciding “yes.” Read more.

3 Things to Know BEFORE You Lease a Copier

A lot of my time is spent dealing with end-of-lease questions.

Existing customers sometimes choose to go a different direction and need to terminate a lease with us. We also acquire new customers and help them end their current contract.

Based on my experience, I have changed the end of lease terms on our contracts to be more customer friendly. Read more. 

The Evolution of Document Management: What’s Next? 

Businesses rely on documents to conduct business. If employees can't find the documents they need to support customers, conduct research, create and analyze reports, etc. then your business is going to slow down. And emailing documents (and then managing multiple revisions) is a waste of everyone's time.

Document management software makes it easy to find, store, and organize digital files across an organization. Read more.

5 Reasons to Keep Your Office Space Clean

Piles here, piles there. And I’m not just talking about your home sweet home.

Think about your work space (and office in general) – is it…a mess?

If you just can’t keep it clean, here’s a quick look at the reasons why a clean desk can result in a more productive, fulfilling professional life. Read more.

Why Toner Is Superior to Inkjet When You Want to Print in Color

If you’re like most offices, you and your coworkers use black and white printing most of the time, and the option to print in color is a perk that you rarely use.

When you do print in color, though, what’s not so nice is that annoying error code taunting you that your ink is low or totally out. Read more.

4 Ways Copier Hard Drives Are a Security Risk

Data security is critical for any business that handles confidential information – customer credit card, private medical files, sensitive demographic information, or banking account numbers, are just a few examples.

You've probably taken measures to protect your networks, servers, and computers.

However, I bet you haven't given much thought to the security of your networked printer or copier. You need to. Read more.

The Pain of Paper Is Real – Document Management Is the Answer

Many companies give up on automation – or don't think it's for them because “they're too small” or “it's too hard” or “it's too expensive”. 

All three of those reasons are really just excuses – and bad ones at that.

In reality, there's no reason your business – and that's anyone reading this, especially manufacturers – not to benefit from document management other than simply refusing to consider it. Read more.

There you have it.

Our most popular posts from this year.

What would you like us to write about this year? Share your ideas in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

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