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The Four Building Blocks of Your Document Digitization Strategy

To successfully digitize and automate your business processes you need a strategy to capture your documents – especially your paper documents. Recently, we've published a few posts on why going paperless (or at least less paper) is a good idea: Document Management: 5 Steps From Greenl …

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Document Management: 5 Steps From Greenlight to Go-Live

You've decided that your company will move into the digital age and implement document management software. Good. Now What? How will my employees adjust? How long will it take? Where do I start? All of these questions must be answered so that you can successfully change and improve yo …

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The Pain of Paper Is Real – Document Management Is the Answer


Many companies give up on automation – or don't think it's for them because “they're too small” or “it's too hard” or “it's too expensive”. All three of those reasons are really just excuses – and bad ones at that. In reality, there's no reason your business – and that's anyone readin …

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Improve Your Manufacturing Processes With Document Management

Document management software can help to improve the efficiency of manufacturing companies (and every other business) in many ways. For simplicity, we're going to group benefits into four C's: Control Cost Collaboration Compliance These four C's combine to help your business manage yo …

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Using Paper Documents to Run Your Business? You're Wasting Time and Money


If you're conducting your business entirely or mostly with paper documentation, you're slowing yourself down. In the coming months, we'll share ideas and thoughts about document management, improving business processes, and other ways you can use technology to boost productivity and c …

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Use Your Copiers to Scan Documents – Baby Steps to Document Management

Has your business started taking baby steps toward document management yet?

Stop. Take a look around your desk. Is it cluttered with paper?Now look around your office. Is it lined with filing cabinets? When was the last time you actually opened one of them? If you answered “yes” to either of the first two questions, and those cabinets continue to steal prime …

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The Evolution of Document Management: What's Next?

Business rely on documents to conduct business. If employees can't find the documents they need to support customers, conduct research, create and analyze reports, etc. then your business is going to slow down. And emailing documents (and then managing multiple revisions) is a waste o …

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