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Boost Employee Collaboration With Document Management

Posted by Jeff Osgar, Solutions Specialist // Document Management | Nov 15, 2017 1:43:04 PM

Communication and collaboration go hand-in-hand, document management makes it easier. defines collaborate “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.”

Let's explore the third of the 4 Cs of document management benefits – collaboration (control, cost, and compliance are the other three).

The basics of collaboration with documents is the ability to easily share them so that you can “work jointly” without wasting time worrying about working on out-dated documents.

Think about how you currently share your business documents. Let's say you're working on a manufacturing contract with three co-workers. You send an email to all three with the contract draft. 

Then the back and forth starts – two of them reply to your email with updates and suggestions that you then have to make to the document yourself. The other co-worker responds – two days later – with revised version of the original. Now you have to re-edit the document to include those revisions.

This is no fun for anyone.

Documents are more easily shared – no more giant email strings with multiple revisions, suggestions, and opinions that are hard to track. Everyone can be sure they're working on the most up-to-date version of a document.

This makes reviews and approvals of documents easier and less stressful. No more worry about wasting hours working on an older, out-dated version of a document. 

A Web-based document management platform means even more flexibility. Remote access to corporate information keeps remote workers productive and included in the process.

Making Contract Collaboration Simple

You've got to juggle multiple issues with contracts:

  • Multiple revisions and tracking changes
  • Complying with legal terms and conditions
  • Signing contracts
  • Missing contracts because they're in someone's inbox

Document management systems simplifies all of these issues.

One location to store a document and track versions.

Legal requirements are easily accessible in the document repository for easy access. Update contract language and have it standardized so that everyone always has access to the latest and most up-to-date contract requirements.

Many digital signature products are available to use with electronic documents. No need to print a contract just to get get a wet signature. The ability to digitally sign a document also speeds business processes and allows workflows to be completely automated.

Again, all contracts are in one repository. No more hiding in inboxes.

Mobile Access

Everyone can also stay connected on the go. Need to work on a proposal that's due but can't get into the office because of a snowstorm? Connect remotely, collaborate with your usual team members, and get the proposal to the customer on time.

Always Work on the Right Document

You will always be collaborating on the correct document. Plus, with version control, you can review previous versions of the document so you never lose track of ideas and suggestions. Some tools will even allow simultaneous editing of documents – work together in real time to nail down those final details or brainstorm. 

Getting everyone on the same page is often hard enough. Don't make it harder with poor document collaboration capabilities.


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Written by Jeff Osgar, Solutions Specialist // Document Management

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