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Improved Info Security and 4 More Reasons to Use Pull Printing

Trim costs, improve security, stop wasting time. What can pull printing can do for you?Printing costs money.

True, every wasted print or copy that isn’t used costs pennies.

But Ben Franklin had it right, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Start earning pennies with pull printing.

Pull Printing? What’s That?

Pull printing allows users to start a print job and then release that job by authenticating themselves on any networked printers or copiers in your office.

For instance, you need to print a file with confidential information but also want to grab a lunch or a cup of coffee. With pull printing, you can grab that dose of caffeine or sandwich without having to sprint to the copier or worrying about someone picking up the document in the output tray (which could be a security breach). 

Get your coffee, authenticate yourself at the device (PIN, email/password, card reader, biometrics), and your job will then print – no need to worry about prying eyes with you standing there.

Why Pull Printing?

Adding pull printing to your print strategy gives you more control over your print output and improves security. Here are five ways it helps businesses.

Less Waste

How often have you printed something, gotten distracted, and then pressed print again? Or simply realized that you didn’t need a printed copy? A quick glance at the recycle or trash bin next to most office copiers will show how much waste there is.

Better Security

As mentioned above, confidential documents sitting in an output tray are an invitation to a data breach. Anyone walking by can take the documents or simply take a photo of them with their phone. 

Eliminate Local Printers

Instead of having individual printers for employees who need to print confidential information, pull printing allows you to get rid of these. This also helps you save money because often these printers are inkjet devices, which cost more to operate than laser printers using toner (read about the disadvantages of toner here). 

Fewer Helpdesk Calls

Want to make an IT staffer’s skin crawl? Tell them the printer is down. Pull printing allows employees to simply walk to another copier or printer to retrieve their document if their usual device is down. While help desk stats vary depending on the research, they have one thing in common: IT staff spends a lot of time troubleshooting copiers and printers. Anything that allows them to spend more time on IT and less time trying to figure out what’s wrong with the copier is a GOOD thing.

Improve Productivity

No more doing the document two-step – print, rush to retrieve before someone else does. If you print multiple jobs to an out-of-service device, that’s frustrating too (not to mention wasteful if the jobs aren’t canceled when the device is brought back online). Pull printing enables anyone to print multiple jobs and retrieve them at their convenience, from any connected copier/printer. Device jammed or unexpectedly out of service? No problem, head to another device to print (also helps decrease paper waste). 

Depending on the setup and particular pull printing software you use (there are multiple options, both third-party and manufacturer options), pull printing can be set up without needing a print server. That makes life easier for your IT department.

Trim costs.

Improve security.

Stop wasting time.

Sounds good, right? Do more. Get in touch with one of our print experts for understand how pull printing could fit into your overall print strategy.

What printer is best for your business?

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