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Why Ask Why? Because Only Then Can We Provide the Right Technology That Will Improve Your (Office) Life

Can I ask you a question?

If you ever have a sales meeting with me, you'll hear me ask lots of questions.

One of the things that makes us different is how we approach selling our products and services.

We can, of course, talk speeds and feeds and run down the list of functions for the equipment we provide.

But we don't do that.

Instead, we focus on you; asking you questions to get beyond the surface of your issue (the copier we have is always broken – it sucks) to the real issue (service on the copier has been spotty – at best – and when that happens everyone comes to me. I didn’t brake it.).

We don't sell copiers here at Coordinated.

Or business phone systems, document management systems, printers, production printers, or managed IT services.

Instead, we help our clients solve business problems through smart application of these business technology tools.

To be honest, it's sometimes easier to just sell. Nearly anyone can sell a copier. Here are the features. Here's what it will cost. Good luck, and have a great few years until we call you again to see if you need a replacement. Oh, and by the way let me tell you what’s wrong with my competitor rather than what’s right with Coordinated.

But that approach doesn't really help you improve your business.

That's how many copier companies work. They say they want to solve business problems, but really are just “pushing boxes” (that's copier dealer lingo for selling office equipment).

Copier Salesmen = Used Car Dealers

As I've written before, I've got toner in my veins. I love the copier industry. Traditionally, the way that dealers have sold their products and services hasn't led us to be well-loved (or even liked).

One of the most common views of copier salespeople is that they're like used car salesmen.

That's not good company to be in.

We want to be different and help you win.

That's why we ask you questions.

Start With Why

Always answer "why" before buying technologyThere's a great book by business author Simon Sinek called “Start With Why.”

Most businesses focus on the things they do without understanding why they do them.

Many businesses do the same when they buy technology – from software to hardware. They don't take a hard look at “why” they need what they think they need.

We ask questions to get the source of the business challenge clients and prospects are having. The “why.”

For example, “I need a new color copier to replace my old one.”

Why? What documents do you print in color? Do you need to print using color documents are will black and white be fine? How many pages do you print daily/monthly/yearly? Do you print more at certain times of the year?

The answers to those questions – and others – will point the way to the type of equipment your office needs.

What are the real issues?

Why are things breaking? Do you know who's responsible for things? Does your IT team have the bandwidth to handle managing the network or do they need help? How does it impact you personally when it happens.

The surface pain often isn't the real issue.

We'll work with you to understand the root cause of your business pain – and then identify the solution to make that pain go away. And most of the time it makes YOUR day go better too.

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