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“Customer First. Always.” Philosophy Helps Make Coordinated a 2018 Torch Awards for Ethics Finalist

“Better Business Bureau’s Torch Awards for Ethics celebrate and recognize local companies that demonstrate integrity and a strong commitment to ethics in all that they do.” Once again, we were honored and humbled to have been a Torch Awards for Ethics finalist. As we strive to uphold our “Customer first. Always.” ethic, it is rewarding to be recognized for our efforts.
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In-House Production Print—Take Control and Do It!

on Oct 10, 2018 2:21:07 PM By | Kirk Studebaker // VP of Sales | 0 Comments | Optimizing Your Business Printers and Copiers
Ever felt unsure about something? Like about bringing all of the printing that you outsource “in-house” and doing it yourself? It’s time to just do it.  No, really DO IT!  It will require a little more work on your end when it comes to the actual prepress process, but not much more than a quick “file” and “print” and you’re golden. In the end, you will thank me, and here are four big reasons why:
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The Cloud Isn’t an Automatic Answer to Your IT Challenges -- A Quick Explanation of What the Cloud Is and Isn’t

You can’t escape mentions of “the cloud” as the solution to nearly any business challenge. Need more storage? The cloud. Need to better manage your network? The cloud. Need a business app to manage your documents? The cloud. Need a marketing and/or website platform? The cloud. Need help with backup and disaster recovery? The cloud. On a personal level, need music, an exercise app, productivity software, something to watch, a game to play -- it’s all in the cloud. As a business owner trying to get the best IT infrastructure in place to run a business, it’s easy to be bedazzled and think, “Yes! I need the cloud!”
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End-to-End: Your Network Is Locked Up Tight, What About Your Printers and Other Endpoints?

Information security is an issue that’s not ever going away. Methods of protection and attack will change over the years, but there will be cybercriminals attempting to steal data when we all finally get our flying cars in the future. Most companies and leaders have at least heard about the importance of securing their networks and information. Hopefully you’re acting on this knowledge. However, even companies that invest in robust network protection can overlook other points of entry cybercriminals look for.
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5 Ways to Leave Your Sensitive Documents Open to a Data Breach

You’ve all heard the song, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, right? Slip out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan. Hop on the bus, Gus. Just drop off the key, Lee. Now that I’ve planted that ear-worm inside your head, what’s a Paul Simon song have to do with document security?
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5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Printing Habits That Will Save You Money

on Aug 30, 2018 12:25:41 PM By | Kirk Studebaker // VP of Sales | 1 Comment | Optimizing Your Business Printers and Copiers
The third largest expense for most offices is printing and copying documents (behind staffing and office space).  Much like how a positive view of information technology can be an indication of a successful business (read more here); companies that understand their print processes and budgets save money and are more efficient. Unfortunately, not many offices take the time to identify business needs when it comes to their printers and copiers, resulting in a haphazard “strategy” of office equipment that is more difficult to support and manage.
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The High Cost of Copier and Printer Discounts

on Aug 22, 2018 2:46:13 PM By | Kirk Studebaker // VP of Sales | 1 Comment | Optimizing Your Business Printers and Copiers
“Nothing is free”.  Donna Oricchio, the CFO of Coordinated, has told me this more than once and believe me when I tell you she is wise. Consumers are driven to “get the best deal.” We look for discounts, coupons, sales – always looking to pay the least for products and services – but have you ever thought about the cost? Here in Copier World we see discounting as a general practice and sometimes things get discounted heavily. When this happens there is a general feeling from the customer that they “won”. They sign the contract and think, “I got the best price I could possibly get. I paid less for this equipment and service than everyone else.” The reality is that when this happens there is a cost to that same consumer. Nothing is free. As a vendor, if I take a deal that has been drastically discounted my reality becomes one of two things:
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How 3 Tier Color Billing Works

on May 30, 2018 9:08:00 AM By | Kirk Studebaker // VP of Sales | 0 Comments | Printers and Copiers
When's the last time you ate in a restaurant with a blue color scheme?  Maybe a seaside restaurant on vacation or appetizers in a bar, but I bet you can't think of one. Why not? Other than blueberries, there aren't any natural foods that are blue. Blue makes food look unappetizing and can suppress appetite (though it makes you want to drink, which is why it's a color scheme in bars and nightclubs). Ever wonder why the Golden Arches are red and yellow? Red creates excitement and can stimulate hunger. The yellow signifies friendliness and warmth (and is easy to see in daylight). Yep, you're being psychologically manipulated by color in restaurants. OK, what's the point you're trying to make here, you're a copier guy.
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Lines on Copies and Scanned Documents? It's Time to Clean the Slit Glass, Here's How

Alright, let's cut to the chase.  A very common, extremely  frustrating issue when it comes to copiers is the ongoing occurrence of getting lines on your copies or scans! If you are experiencing black lines on your copies when using the automatic feeder on your copy machine chances are your machine has a dirty slit glass.
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