Jeff Osgar, Solutions Specialist // Document Management

Jeff Osgar, Solutions Specialist // Document Management

Born and bred Minnesota. Love the outdoors and time on the lakes. Camping, fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, mountain biking… if it is done in the woods of MN or on one of our 10,000 lakes it could probably be added to the list.

At the office I assist our customers unlock business efficiencies through the use of our equipment and software products available through our number of vendors. I enjoy the challenges the job brings, and the success we help our customers uncover with our programs.

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6 Steps to Automate Your Business Processes

Are your SMB's processes still primarily manual? Use these 6 steps to automate workflows and overhaul business processes - and maximize productivity!

I’ve been sharing the value of document management and moving from paper-based offices to digital documents and workflows for over a year now. The ability to immediately find information is tremendously valuable by itself, and remains the foundational value of document management. How …

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19 Essential Questions to Ask About Your Document Management Solution BEFORE You Buy It

You should be asking yourself (and your staff) these 19 questions BEFORE buying a document management solution for your SMB.

Paper documents slow down your workflows, hinder excellent customer service, and cost time and money for retrieval and storage (file cabinets are big!). Take a look around your office. I’m going to guess it’s not all clean desks and sleek efficiency. There’s probably a fair bit of pap …

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End Broken Business Processes with these 9 Simple Steps and 1 Crucial Tip

9 tips to redesign a broken business process

Every business and office has processes for how they get work done. Many times, these processes are handed down from employee to employee over time, unquestioned. That often means they aren't the BEST way to get work done. Companies often look to software and automation to fix process …

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Getting the Most From Business Documents: Our Best Tips for Document Management shrinks costs pig

Over the last year, we've written quite a few blog posts about how paper slows down your organization and how document management can help your business move faster. I've compiled some of the best advice and tips here – with link to the full post.

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How the Document Scanning Process Works in 10 Simple Steps

Decrease the amount of paper on your desk by using these 10 easy steps to simplify the document scanning process.

If you've ever looked around your office and thought that it would be great to get rid of all of the paper, you can do that. Better yet, you already have what you need to get started – a copy machine. The scanning functionality of your copier can be used to convert paper documents int …

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Never Waste Hours Looking for a Paper Document Again – And 6 Other Ways Document Management Saves Time

Document Management saves you time in more than one way...this article discusses seven ways, actually..jpeg

“I love it when I can’t find a document I am looking for,” said NO ONE ever! That’s because searching for paper files is time consuming. And sometimes, after countless hours of searching, you don't even find what you’re looking for. Despite the hassles that come hand in hand with a tr …

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Ready to Pass Your Next Compliance Audit Faster Than Ever? Use Document Management

Document management will help you pass your next compliance audit faster than you can say 'document management is the best'.

If you're in a regulated industry, complying with regulations isn't optional. If you're still managing your compliance documents by shuffling paper, you're doing it wrong. You can digitize your documents and then manage them electronically with document management. There are additiona …

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Fighting a Losing Battle With Paper -- Is This You?

Is your office drowning in paperwork? Document Management may be the light at the end of the tunnel..jpg

Have you ever heard of document management or the “paperless” office? As we talk to our existing customers – as well as potential new ones – we are often surprised at how often smaller offices have given up on the struggle with using paper. The world is increasingly digital and online …

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Document Management: 27 Essential Facts to Know

27 facts about Document Management.jpeg

Document management can be a great solution for organizations looking to ease the physical burden of a paper-ridden office. Solutions come in all flavors too; from a basic vanilla archival and retrieval system, to a full-blown, salted caramel coconut mocha chocolate chip enterprise co …

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