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How Much Will a Data Breach Cost You? It Depends

Can a single security breach bleed your SMB dry? It might.

We've written about security quite a bit – and our open house last month was focused on security topics. As we bring more managed network services to you, we'll continue to focus on security issues – risk, cost, tips, etc. Most business leaders we talk to understand, at least generall …

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Some Day Your Nigerian Prince Will Come – 9 Simple Tips to Dodge Phishing Emails

You built your security right so your SMB couldn't ever get hacked.....right?

Even companies that do everything right when they built their security infrastructure can still be hacked. The sad fact is, the weak point in every cybersecurity system is you and the people you work with. Hacks and data breaches do occur because of disgruntled employees. The majority …

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Do You Have the Time and Expertise to Manage Network Security Yourself?

Does you IT staff have time time and knowledge to handle your EVERY IT need?

What's the best use of your IT staff's time? Companies increasingly have the option to hire IT expertise to handle their IT infrastructure – from your website to your hardware to your servers to your network security, there is an service provider that can do it for you. Why would you …

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Fear, Information Security, and Chicken Little

The sky is falling thanks to hackers, cybercrime, and ransomware - but not on your SMB with the help of Managed Network Services.

When we started to include managed networks into our services for clients, we immediately realized how serious an issue cybersecurity is. The amount of malware in the world and the tenacity of cybercriminals is stunning. A research report written by CSIS and sponsored by McAfee puts t …

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6 I.T. Elements Essential to the Success and Security of Every Business

Is your SMB using these 6 essential IT elements to create success in its security arena?

When's the last time you got through a day of work without using your network? You rely on information technology to get your work done. When the various systems in your office aren't working effectively – your servers, networks, copiers, computers, firewall, etc. – productivity dips. …

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Under the Water: 7 Hidden Impacts of a Data Breach and How They Can Hurt Your Business

There are some obvious costs that go along with a data breach...but have you ever thought about these 7 hidden impacts that could hurt your SMB?

When you think of business downtime or a data breach, I'm sure you've thought of the direct financial costs. If you've been successfully cyberattacked, you have to notify customers, figure out what went wrong, pay for any broken regulations, attorney fees (in the case of litigation), …

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Is Your IT Team Sick and Tired of Patching and Updating Software?

Outdated software is an open door for hackers.

Outdated software is an open door for hackers. That's why, as annoying as it can be, it's a good idea to push that upgrade button for your phone's apps. It's even MORE important to patch and update the software and hardware you use to run your office. I don't know of many IT professio …

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Security Isn't Only an IT Problem – Leadership Is a Crucial Piece of an Effective Information Security Strategy

leadership is critical for successful cybersecurity

“Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don’t do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.” – Vince Lombardi As you think about information security for your business, the quote by Lombardi has particular relevance (sorry Vikings fans, but …

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Why Hackers and Cybercriminals Love Small Businesses Like You


Being a small business has a lot of benefits, you might: Differentiate yourself from the corporate competition by offering a more personal feel. Make decisions about the direction of your company without having to get approval from a board. Have a high employee retention rate because …

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