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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: A Network Assessment Can Reveal Hidden Issues and Security Concerns

Hidden issues and security concerns can wreck your security plan - and put your company at risk for hackers. A network assessment finds any areas that need improvement, and can help plan ahead to better your network.

Many SMBs don’t think about their network until it’s not working -- or has been hacked. This short post includes an overview of why you should consider a network assessment (short answer -- security vulnerabilities and slow performance) and a short video explaining Coordinated’s appro …

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What Should You Do When Victimized by Ransomware?

Getting attacked isn't something to be embarrassed about - but it is something you should try to protect your SMB from.

Attacked by ransomware? Don’t be embarrassed In my career in information technology, I’ve spoken to quite a few businesses that had been successfully attacked by ransomware and had been too embarrassed to contact the authorities. Don’t be. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated i …

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Cybersecurity Threats Are Here to Stay -- Don’t Ignore These 5 Challenges in 2019

The worst cybersecurity blunder you can make is sticking your head in the sand and ignoring possible security problems.

It’s no secret that we believe in educating our customers about the challenges and issues around securing their networks and information. Research and common sense -- how many of you have received a “friend request” from a hacked Facebook friend recently? -- reveal that cyber criminal …

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Phishing Emails and Your Security: Research Details the Continued Risk

Phishing, as funny as it sounds, is no laughing matter - it's still a major threat to your SMB.

“Phishing” lends itself to tongue-in-cheek humor and images, but it’s no laughing matter. Cybercriminals continue to use phishing attacks to trick people into opening emails and/or clicking on links and files that allow malware (like ransomware) to breach your network security. Phishi …

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End-to-End: Your Network Is Locked Up Tight, What About Your Printers and Other Endpoints?

Excellent network security isn't enough to keep your SMB from being hacked - when was the last time you secured your printers?

Information security is an issue that’s not ever going away. Methods of protection and attack will change over the years, but there will be cybercriminals attempting to steal data when we all finally get our flying cars in the future. Most companies and leaders have at least heard abo …

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5 Ways to Leave Your Sensitive Documents Open to a Data Breach

Is your copier security up to snuff? Make sure you've got these 5 things covered to ensure the best document security for you SMB.

You’ve all heard the song, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, right? Slip out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan. Hop on the bus, Gus. Just drop off the key, Lee. Now that I’ve planted that ear-worm inside your head, what’s a Paul Simon song have to do with document security?

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The 3 Best Reasons SMBs Should Adopt Proactive Network Management

There's tons of reasons your SMB should adopt proactive network monitoring - read on to learn the 3 best reasons to partner with a Managed Networks expert.

The Internet allows SMBs to compete directly with businesses of any size - often successfully. Technology means you can use social media to market your business, eCommerce allows you to sell nationally -- and globally, communicate in seconds with email and online messaging and chat to …

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Is Your Office Prepared? 16 Questions to Ask Yourself About Disaster Recovery

Can you answer 'yes' to these 16 questions about how your business will handle disaster recovery?

Before getting into this post, let's quickly talk about disaster recovery. Most people see the word “disaster” and think of hurricanes, fire, flood, tornadoes, volcanoes, or other natural disasters. Of course, those can and do cause business disruption. However, what disaster recovery …

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Why SMBs Should Focus on Keeping Anti-Virus Software Up-to-Date

Is your anti-virus software up to date? These 3 reasons will remind you why you need to take the 5 minutes to update whenever there's a security patch.

How many of us have ignored the alert on our computer to update software – especially anti-virus protection? If you're in the middle of something, you could have every intention of updating the software later. Every day you delay is another chance for a hacker to find the hole in your …

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