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7 Deadly Sins of SMB Cybersecurity [Free Infographic]

Information security pitfalls are everywhere. 

It's no fun to read blog posts all the time. So to take a break, we've put together an easy-to-read infographic to visually show you the seven most deadly sins of cybersecurity!

We don't think that's hyperbole. Many small and medium businesses make the same mistakes - sins - when it comes to their own security. 

Cybercriminals continue to seek new ways to penetrate company (and personal) networks to steal documents, personal information, deny service, and more.

Frequent readers know we've focused on network security in this blog recently. 

We do so because a secure network is one of the foundations of a successful business. A successful data breach or hack or network attack can bring your business to a halt. Damage can be minimal or devastating: the only sure thing is that there will be a cost.

So read on about the deadly sins and see how many you're committing. You can download your own PDF copy of the infographic here -- direct access, no email required. You can also click the image below.


Click Here For Your Infographic


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