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Secure Printing: Top 5 Tips for New Employees

When talking about security, we generally hear about cybersecurity and everything that goes along with that as it's changing rapidly. During these conversations, copiers and printers are typically overlooked as potential security threats. However, these devices can store sensitive inf …

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Securing Cloud Connected Office Equipment

Copiers and printers have evolved into sophisticated devices that are most likely connected to the internet and the cloud. While this connectivity brings convenience and efficiency, it also introduces new and increasing security risks. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in these devi …

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Essential Elements for Your Cybersecurity Plan in 2024

As we enter the year 2024, it is crucial for organizations to have a proactive and strong cybersecurity strategy in place to combat the ever-evolving cyber threats. In this blog post, we will explore the key elements that your organization should adopt to bolster its defenses against …

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Cyber attacks in 2023: What can we learn?

As we reflect on 2023, it's evident that cyber threats evolved at an alarming rate. This blog looks into the biggest cyber attacks that made headlines, shedding light on crucial lessons and offering strategies to enhance your organization's cybersecurity resilience.

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Explaining the Crucial Role Employees Play in Cybersecurity

two men and two women in an office looking at a computer screen together

In an era filled with terms like digital landscapes and interconnected systems, the role of employees in your organization's cybersecurity practices has never been more critical. Below, we'll walk through how your team goes further than any technology can when it comes to keeping your …

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What is Cybersecurity Really?

From personal data to sensitive business information, cybersecurity plays a vital role in protecting our digital lives. In this blog post, we will delve into what cybersecurity is, explore its various aspects, and highlight why it is relevant in today's landscape.

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Top Kyocera Multifunction Printers for 2021

Kyocera top printers for 2021

If you’re considering a high-quality multifunction printer for your business, it’s critically important you understand what’s available and how they can boost the look of your brand, every piece of collateral you print, and communications with employees. Kyocera may not be the first n …

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Bring Your Own Device Policies: Pros and Cons

Employees using laptops, tablets, and phones for work

For years, most companies have considered jobs as something you come into the office and get work done there. If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, it’s that many jobs can be done from home, coffee shops, or at the cabin. Most of us would agree that this work from anywhere tr …

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How to Protect Your Remote Workers From Cyberattacks

Giving a presentation on cyber security

This is one of the Common Google searches today. There is a perfect storm for those that are in the Cybercrime business. Workers have been sent home to work and in many cases, the business does not have the necessary infrastructure and tools in place to keep them safe.

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