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How to Protect Your Remote Workers From Cyberattacks

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There is a perfect storm for those that are in the Cybercrime business. Workers have been sent home to work and in many cases, the business does not have the necessary infrastructure and tools in place to keep them safe.

Regarding security, there are a few things to consider as your employees take your IT assets home to work. According to BitSight, a home network is 7.5 times more likely to have at least 5 distinct families of Malware present, 25% or more of devices used are exposed on the internet, and 1 in 7 have an exposed cable modem control interface. 

In English, this means the likelihood of your remote worker's networks being secure is pretty slim, so the question becomes what you can do about it.

Steps to Keep Your Network Secure

First, the device itself needs to be secure. Up to date Virus and Malware Protection current security patches and a supported Operating System. Next, you need a secure VPN tunnel between your network and device. This is a function of your firewall and should be set up by your IT people.

Another aspect is training. You hear a lot of talk about fatigue these days. Providing end-user training on how to spot Cyber threats is a crucial ingredient for protecting yourself. According to Infosecurity magazine, cyberattacks are up 37% with online threats rising by as much as 6x from their pre-pandemic levels.  

You also need to make sure that if any information is being saved on the local device that the machine is being backed up in case your user gets stung with Ransomware. Most data is only valuable to the person who has it. If you have a good solid back up, you can tell the crooks to keep it and have a nice day.

If you are dealing with sensitive information Live Threat Detection is important. This solution provides a team of cybersecurity experts that are monitoring all your endpoints 24x7 regardless of location. One of the outcomes of remote work has been people working at all hours, outside of the hours that our IT people are at the helm. The added security of a trained team watching live 24x7 is the highest level of security that you can provide.

An unfortunate truth is that there are people that will take advantage of a lack of preparedness. If any of this sounds overwhelming, contact a professional MSP, and get a health check done. You may be amazed at what is uncovered.

Stay Ahead of Hackers and Cybercriminals

Check out this interview with our Director of IT Services, Dan Gullickson, who will address this topic in more detail. 

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