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The 6 Extraordinary Benefits Managed Network Services Provides Your Business

The benefits of ANY type of outsourcing remains simple -- someone else can perform a task better than you can do it yourself (and usually for less money). This is especially true of managed network services. As office networks have become a commodity, they still require time-consuming effort by IT staff to manage them -- the software must be patched and upgraded to prevent security holes, you need to identify bottlenecks and causes, server maintenance, backing up data, and more are all needed to ensure the maximum amount of uptime.
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Are You Refusing to Consider Managed IT Services Because They're "Too Expensive"? Think Again

The reason to outsource any service rather than DIY is simple -- will it cost you more in time/expense to DIY or to find an expert to accomplish the task for you? For tasks that require deep knowledge and expertise, this can be an easy question to answer. I have no idea, nor the time and equipment, to make any car repairs that I’d need, for example. On the other hand, I could paint a room. For a business service such as outsourcing your network needs, you could do it yourself. Most SMBs have IT support with a small IT team or an outside “IT guy” who helps out as needed. Many businesses think outsourcing IT functions, like managed network services, is going to be a budget buster. Depending on the size of your business and the users that need to be supported, the monthly cost of an MNS contract could be higher than for a full-time IT person (even though for most SMBs that’s not the case). However, when you take into account the overall value of managed network services, the decision to outsource becomes nearly a no-brainer -- do it.
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The Role of the Virtual CIO and How One Can Improve IT Results for Your Business

As an SMB business owner or executive, you have enough on your plate running your business. You don’t have the time to become an expert in the information technology you rely on to run your business. We find that many business leaders lean in one of two directions: They hop from idea to idea and throw money at technology because it’s shiny and new, hoping that the technology itself will improve business operations They ignore and devote the bare minimum to IT needs to run business operations As this blog’s frequent readers know, throwing money at a business problem by buying technology (or services) is a recipe for wasting budget. Ignoring IT can lead to missed opportunities as your business isn’t agile enough to take advantage of changing markets. A virtual CIO (chief information officer) bridges the gap between business goals and IT infrastructure to help you create a strategy that uses IT to reach those goals. You don’t have to be an IT expert -- you can outsource for one.
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“Customer First. Always.” Philosophy Helps Make Coordinated a 2018 Torch Awards for Ethics Finalist

“Better Business Bureau’s Torch Awards for Ethics celebrate and recognize local companies that demonstrate integrity and a strong commitment to ethics in all that they do.” Once again, we were honored and humbled to have been a Torch Awards for Ethics finalist. As we strive to uphold our “Customer first. Always.” ethic, it is rewarding to be recognized for our efforts.
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4 Tips to Finding a Managed IT Partner That Understands You

We all know how frustrating it is to be in a “conversation” where each person is talking AT the other instead of WITH the other. These “conversations” aren’t a true exchange of information. In your personal life, this is annoying. When it comes to helping your business, a partner that doesn’t completely understand your business needs can threaten your livelihood. When it comes to outsourcing your information technology needs, that’s a recipe for disaster.
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In-House Production Print—Take Control and Do It!

on Oct 10, 2018 2:21:07 PM By | Kirk Studebaker // VP of Sales | 0 Comments | Optimizing Your Business Printers and Copiers
Ever felt unsure about something? Like about bringing all of the printing that you outsource “in-house” and doing it yourself? It’s time to just do it.  No, really DO IT!  It will require a little more work on your end when it comes to the actual prepress process, but not much more than a quick “file” and “print” and you’re golden. In the end, you will thank me, and here are four big reasons why:
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The Cloud Isn’t an Automatic Answer to Your IT Challenges -- A Quick Explanation of What the Cloud Is and Isn’t

You can’t escape mentions of “the cloud” as the solution to nearly any business challenge. Need more storage? The cloud. Need to better manage your network? The cloud. Need a business app to manage your documents? The cloud. Need a marketing and/or website platform? The cloud. Need help with backup and disaster recovery? The cloud. On a personal level, need music, an exercise app, productivity software, something to watch, a game to play -- it’s all in the cloud. As a business owner trying to get the best IT infrastructure in place to run a business, it’s easy to be bedazzled and think, “Yes! I need the cloud!”
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Are You Managing Your IT or Is Your IT Managing You?

According to Gartner, an unmanaged PC costs $5,000 a year. That’s a lot of dough if you are a small business even with just a few workstations. While computer hardware itself has gotten less expensive, the real expense is the cost to fix your network when something goes wrong. That’s why proactive maintenance is so critical for small business owners — PCs, and the networks they’re on, require constant monitoring. Many offices continue to rely on a break/fix model of IT support -- when something goes wrong, you get it fixed. This approach leads to un-budgeted expenses and more frequent downtime. A proactively managed network, when done correctly, will not only improve uptime, but will also keep you protected from the endless security threats targeting businesses like you. Why wouldn’t you want to be protected from the moment you make any IT investment? Here are some reasons why you should.
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Five Things Your “Really Great IT Guy” Can’t Give You

When it comes to small business IT, many lean on family, or referrals from friends for a really great “IT guy.” If you’re using a break-fix IT strategy for your business, or relying on your uncle's wife's cousin, to keep your computers running, you’re traveling down a risky road and it’s time to re-evaluate. You might feel like you are getting a great deal, but here are five things your IT guy can’t give you. It's not the fault of your “IT guy.” But they're just that, one guy (or gal). They simply don't have the bandwidth to do everything your business needs to support all of your IT initiatives.
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