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The Advantages of Cloud Computing for SMBs

Small businesses must leverage the latest technology to stay competitive. One such technology that has significantly transformed the business landscape is cloud computing. At Coordinated Business Systems, we believe that cloud computing offers numerous advantages for small businesses, …

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The Importance of Device Training

In the typical office, copiers and printers are essential tools for productivity in multiple departments. However, these devices can also pose security risks if not properly managed. One often overlooked aspect of ensuring device security is providing specific training to employees on …

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How Cloud Computing Can Benefit Small Businesses

When starting a business, servers and networking equipment can be a significant expense. To reduce this burden, many businesses are turning to cloud computing. Cloud computing provides a number of benefits including improved scalability, cheaper support, and automated backups. As a re …

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Working From Home FAQs

Since the beginning of this pandemic, millions of employees have transitioned their day-to-day operations from in-office to remote work. As many employees have been working from home in the past two months, many organizations are realizing the values of adapting to a remote workforce …

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Future Positioning

Coordinated Business Systems Office Meeting

Position yourself for the future, whatever it holds. We see companies prophesizing what the future will be. That is a fancy word for a guess.

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Top Necessities for Your Remote Workforce

Employee Working Remotely

Studies show that 83% of workers agree that the ability to work from home would make them happier. 80% of workers also said that the ability to work from home would make them feel less stressed. It’s clear that remote working has a positive impact on employees’ happiness and productiv …

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Too much paper cluttering your business? It may be time for a document management system.

Are piles of paper taking over your business? Are you struggling to keep track of important documents and find the space to store them effectively? It’s probably time to think about how a document management system can help you.

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What Does That “New Car Smell” Have to Do With SMB Data Backup and Network Security?

That new car smell, data backup, and network security - what do they all have to do with your business? You might be surprised. Read on to learn more.

How do you prefer to acquire a new vehicle? Your preference could help you understand your choices when it comes to your information technology infrastructure. Are you the traditional type who likes to own your vehicle? You prefer to pay your car off in full and (eventually) enjoy not …

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Why Comparing Providers Is Like Comparing Apples and Oranges


We’ve said before that when it comes to choosing which company is best for you, we believe in maximum choice. But the reality is that no two companies (and their proposed solutions) can practically be compared. Just like apples and oranges, managed service providers are radically diff …

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