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The Value of Document Management – Shelves Don't Collapse on Employees

We sell and implement document management (based on Square9's software). 

What we DO, though, is solve business problems for customers. Saving time from matching financial documents, making sure everyone has access to the current SOPs, and quickly responding to discovery requests during litigation are just a few of the document-based problems we've solved for customers.

The core of document management is simple – provide fast, secure access to a business' documents electronically. 

It's hard to show why this matters. 

I've found a video that vividly illustrates the problem of traditional, paper-based filing – it's funny too.

OK, it's funny if it doesn't happen to you.

While this is an extreme example – at least I HOPE your file room doesn't look like this – this perfectly shows the value of document management.

Think about how you currently access customer documents and other business records:

  1. Is it open shelving like this?
  2. How long does it take to find a folder? And how long does it take to refile folders at the end of the day. Imagine trying to find a misfiled folder in this file room – it may as well not exist.
  3. Could you use the extra space occupied by paper files more effectively?
  4. And imagine the workers' comp claim for “buried under a paper mountain”!

Enjoy the video. Afterwards, if you need help finding and using your business' documents, consider contacting us for a document management assessment.


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