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Want to Be Successful? Take a Nap, Plus Cloud, AP Automation, and Other Tips

I like to think we write and share valuable information and tips in our blog. 

But we don't know it all and all of us here at Coordinated read a variety of blogs and publications that we follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, email newsletters, Pinterest, and, sometimes, even printed magazines.

I'd like to share four articles that I think you'll like. Read on and learn:

  • How the cloud can help SMBs be more effective
  • Tips to identify your high-value documents
  • Benefits of automating accounts payable (hint: no more paper shuffle!)
  • 6 hacks successful people do to create compound benefits for themselves (and that you can do to)


How the Cloud and SaaS Can Help the SMB Run Like the Enterprise

Odds are if you're reading this, you're one of the 99% of companies in the United States with fewer than 500 employees. With the cloud and software-as-a-service, cutting-edge technology is no longer limited to the Fortune 500. It's available to businesses of every size. While this article is written for copier dealers, it does a good job of explaining the advantages the cloud and SaaS can deliver to SMBs.

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Identifying High-Value Documents

Not every document is created equal. Marko Sillanpaa shares the following story about high-value documents and then provides some high-level tips for identifying yours:

“I’m reminded of a client visit for a paper digitization effort. While taking a tour of the facility, we stopped at a set of file cabinets. My client explained that inside were the only copies of engineering diagrams for every building the organization managed. I asked the two men that happened to be working in the drop ceiling if they were fixing an air conditioning drip pan. For years these high value documents, many of which could not have been reproduced, sat under 25 gallons of water.”

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Top 4 Benefits of Automating Your Payables Process

Document management software can help you automate this process. This post from Lauren Ford of Square9 shares four benefits, including this one: Manually processing paper invoices can lead to lost data, entry errors, and invoice duplicates, creating a high cost per invoice metric. The goal of automating the Accounts Payable department is to streamline these processes which ultimately reduce costs. Through the power of document management solutions, Accounts Payable automation allows users the ability to capture data at high-speed. 

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Why Successful People Spend 10 Hours a Week on Compound Time

Every one of us is busy. Not every one of us is as successful as we'd like to be, even as we fill up our days furiously “doing things.” What do the most successful people in the world do to keep and grow their edge? They spend extra time every week making small investments in continual improvement – sometimes that even includes napping (Einstein, Da Vince, and others were/are fans). Here are six hacks to invest in yourself and reap the benefits over time.

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I hope you've found these articles as informative and useful as I did.

Now, go take a nap like many successful people do!


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