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Future Positioning

Position yourself for the future, whatever it holds.

We see companies prophesizing what the future will be. That is a fancy word for a guess.

The customers that we support through our managed network services team who were able to transition people home, will be able to transition people back to the office or will be able to make more permanent changes if the need should arise; all with minimal interruption.

The key to success is to have partnerships that allow you to react to conditions regardless of what they are. In times like these, the danger exists to only consider the present environment. You can address today’s issues without ignoring the reality that this will not last forever.

Adversity always creates short term opportunities, usually with long term consequences. Based on that, we made a conscious decision to support our contracted clients rather than do ad hoc work for people we will have no relationship with at the expense of the customers we are contracted with. We did this for a few reasons.

  1. We did not feel it was right to sacrifice the service levels to our monthly contracted partners to gain short term revenue from a transactional customer we will likely not serve in the future.
  2. Short term project work that only accomplishes specific short-term objectives does not align with our philosophy of being a long-term trusted partner and advisor that is responsible for your technology.
  3. There is risk to both the client and the provider in doing piecemeal work on a network.

The companies that come out of this better than they went in are those that can adjust to new circumstances quickly from a strategy and implementation standpoint and have the technical support to make sure that infrastructure can adjust with them. That takes a technology partner that understands you and your business and requires time, energy, and a sound relationship. We aren’t willing to risk the security of your network and your information for short term gain.

The advantages that a Managed Network partner brings to you are all mentioned above. We live in a world of technology and are always exploring and testing new and better ways to help you accomplish your business goals. We can provide our small-to-medium business clients with enterprise-level technology support and consultation at an affordable price. This asset is invaluable in normal day to day business and is crucial when something dramatic happens within your business.

We are advising clients and prospects alike to run their business based on what is best for their business, not based on a temporary set of circumstances or fear. We are here to help you make those decisions and go about that the same way today as we did yesterday. That process is simple:

  1. A Qualifying conversation to understand your outcomes and assure that we are a good MUTUAL fit.
  2. A Network Assessment to determine what is needed for stabilization as well as support.
  3. A proposal to clearly outline what needs to be done, how you will be supported, and what it will cost.
  4. Implementation followed by ongoing support and the services of a dedicated technology advisor or VCIO.

If you have determined that your company would benefit from additional technical support, whether you consider us or someone else, take the previous into account and assure you are making the best decision to support your enterprise short, mid, and long term.


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