The Evolution of Document Management: What's Next?
There is no doubt that document management is critical to the overall success of businesses today. The ability to efficiently find, store and organize files across an organization leads to increased productivity and reduces headaches. A recent report by Butler Group, a London-based IT research and analysis company, concluded that "ineffective search and discovery strategies are hampering business competitiveness, impairing service delivery and putting companies at risk."

Brief History of Document Management & Where It Stands Today
Document management began in the 1980s with software developers who were looking to blend traditional paper-based documents with new digital technologies. Document management originally involved managing any physical document that was the sole copy or version of itself (for example, printed documents, photographs, published documents, contracts, etc.). As technology advanced through the 1990s and 2000s, document management diversified and grew massively in scope.

Today, document management encompasses all physical and electronic documents and files. Document management systems provide storage, metadata, security, and-most importantly-indexing and retrieval capabilities. This allows businesses to easily store documents, keep databases organized and, most importantly, index documents for quick retrieval.
What Does the Future Hold For Document Management?
The document management systems of tomorrow are not just about documents; they are about enhancing productivity and collaboration from anywhere in the world. The future of document management is in the cloud. Information cannot be confined to a single, physical office space in today's work environment. Employees are increasingly working from home and on the go, making strong document management more important than ever. With this fast-paced and dynamic work place, cloud-based technologies allow employees to access documents and connect with others from any location in real time. Future document management systems will enable business both large and small to take control of information, ultimately helping employees to work smarter, not harder.

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