Kirk Studebaker // President

Kirk Studebaker // President

Kirk has been in the Office Technology sector for 20 years working in the dealer world focused on supporting sales teams. Having worked for Manufacturers and dealers as well as his own entrepreneurial ventures, Kirk is dedicated to the development of people in the sales profession.

Outside of work Kirk has a wife and two children and enjoys being outside whether hunting or horseback riding.

Posts by Kirk Studebaker // President

4 Tips to Help Your Business Minimize the Cybersecurity Hiring Gap

Minimize the effect of the Cybersecurity hiring gap with these 4 IT tips.

What’s your plan for cybersecurity planning? There aren’t enough qualified cybersecurity professionals in the world for all of the businesses that need to hire one to hire one (hint: that would be every business). We’ve detailed this cybersecurity hiring gap in a post last year. While …

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Why Comparing Providers Is Like Comparing Apples and Oranges


We’ve said before that when it comes to choosing which company is best for you, we believe in maximum choice. But the reality is that no two companies (and their proposed solutions) can practically be compared. Just like apples and oranges, managed service providers are radically diff …

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Why Assessing Your Needs Will Give you a Perfect Fit

Needs assessments are not a waste of time - how can you find the perfect fit for your SMB if you don't know what you're looking for?

Shopping online today is super convenient. Your options are almost limitless. You hardly have to do anything, and a product is delivered to your door. What’s not convenient is when that thing arrives and it doesn’t fit—a rare part for your gadget that needs fixing, a pair of shoes, or …

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Why If Your Stakeholders Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy.

A forgotten shareholder might be more dangerous than your mother when you're not paying attention. Unlike your mother, a stakeholder is influential enough that they can make or break your business - letting them feel left out can have consequences that effect every area of your company.

Ever heard the saying “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy?” Well, the same can be said about the stakeholders in your next technology change—if your stakeholders ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. No matter how many hours an organization plans for their next big update, whether it …

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The Best Copier Dealers in Minneapolis/St. Paul - Where Should You Buy a Copier?

Coordinated Business Systems wants to help you find the best copier company for your SMB. Read on to learn more about the best copier companies in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Did you know that many copier dealers’ name begin with the letter “A” so they’d be first in the phone book and Yellow Pages? You remember the Yellow Pages, right? That way when someone looking for a new “copy machine” flipped the pages, they’d see names like “Advanced Copiers” or “All …

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The Coordinated Difference - We Eliminate the Fear and Frustration of Buying Copiers and Managed IT Services


For the previous 18 months, we’ve focused on providing you accurate, actionable information about how to get the most out of your copiers and printers, managed IT (especially focused on security issues), and document management. Why did we devote our time and resources to this? We bel …

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The Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2018 -- Security, Toner Pirates, and Billing for Color

Read our best copier, security, and document management blogs from 2018 for tips, helpful info, and more.

I hope your 2019 is off to a fantastic start. Before completely diving into the new year, here’s a look back at some essential knowledge from 2018 that’s still relevant. It’s time for you to get up-to-speed on the best tips for buying and securing your copiers, understand 3-tier color …

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Why Ask Why? Because Only Then Can We Provide the Right Technology That Will Improve Your (Office) Life

sept.blog5.main image

Can I ask you a question? If you ever have a sales meeting with me, you'll hear me ask lots of questions. One of the things that makes us different is how we approach selling our products and services. We can, of course, talk speeds and feeds and run down the list of functions for the …

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In-House Production Print—Take Control and Do It!

Have you ever thought about bringing your production print in house but been unsure if it's a good idea. It is - check out these 4 reasons you should stop outsourcing large scale print jobs.

Ever felt unsure about something? Like about bringing all of the printing that you outsource “in-house” and doing it yourself? It’s time to just do it. No, really DO IT! It will require a little more work on your end when it comes to the actual prepress process, but not much more than …

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