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Why Document Management Is Better Than Paper: 6 Videos Explain

Posted by Jeff Osgar, Solutions Specialist // Document Management | Oct 20, 2017 1:06:13 PM

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video has to be worth 10,000 right? 

I've written about document management – frequently – in the past few months.

The right DM software can save you time, help to automate business processes, and save on storage costs – to name a few of the benefits.

While I enjoy writing and sharing helpful tips that help you run your business better, sometimes I know I don't want to read anything. I just want to kick back and watch or listen.

While looking at YouTube a few days ago, I noticed a document management-related video appear in suggestions.

I thought “why not” and clicked it. Then I found another. And a few more. As I went down the YouTube video rabbit-hole, I thought I'd share some of the more interesting of the videos with you.

Each video demonstrates the value of document management. Enjoy!

 A quick note – some of these videos say “ECM” which is enterprise content management, a broader industry term. One of the elements of ECM is document management – finding the right information when you need it (for more on the differences, read The Evolution of Document Management: What's Next?

Tiffany Can't Find the Document

This video illustrates the most basic benefit of document management – find the document when you need it. Which scenario does your office resemble?


Tiny Houses and Going Paperless

Everything he says about living in a tiny house applies to any business.


Reliable Town

Which town is your content choo-choo rolling through?


A Paper Mockumentary

A short, funny illustration of how much paper slows business processes down.


Document Management and Laundry?

One of the best analogies I've ever seen.


AP With and Without Paper

This one is a little salesy, but I love the illustrations.


I hope you've enjoyed these videos and that they've inspired you to consider moving from paper to a digital office. 


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Written by Jeff Osgar, Solutions Specialist // Document Management

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