Why Lease a Copier?

Three Benefits of Copier Leasing
It may not be the first document management solution that comes to mind, but studies show that more than half of copier users prefer to lease their machines rather than buy them.  Save your office time, money, and headaches by simplifying your printing solutions. Lease a copier or multifunction printer through Coordinated Business Systems.

Service Agreements: Most people are familiar with just how much maintenance is required in keeping up a high-functioning office machine. When you purchase a copier, many of these costs are not taken into consideration, so when the time comes for monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance, the resources are not available to provide these services. With a copier lease, many of these parts and services are included in your lease.

Lower Total Cost: Similar to car leases, one could make the argument that the total number of dollars spent on a lease is higher than the amount spent on a purchase. However, this doesn't factor in depreciation, and copiers depreciate even faster than cars. Don't undervalue the benefits of having an updated machine instead of preserving the integrity of your rapidly aging one! 

Avoiding Obsolescence: Technology literally changes overnight. The latest greatest thing hardly stays that way for more than a few months. Before you know it, your five-year-old copier is nearly obsolete. Instead of chasing the next best thing, take advantage of a leasing program where your business can have access to the newest technology each time your lease expires.

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